Dripping, laced with marbling sequences of diabolical symphonies of lies and teachery.

Vanished, like the truth and the stark variations of white to black that dawned our old TVs

Sandstone cracking under my feet as the waves crash upon them in their dire despair.

Torn from the old tales of that mark what this once was, a country of magnificent heart.

Although in this moment I may cry out to the oceans and plead to them for another chance.

I know this time it is our time to wash back into their waves and learn all over again.

By fire, the brimstone that our hearts had placated to us, the books taught us how to become.

And by them we became exactly as they had written out for us, and what we became was...

Something so horrid and distrustful and malicious and murderous that no creature on the earth...

Could find it in their souls to offer us another chance, to offer mankind another go around.

And I must sit here and know that with all of my being, those who stopped looking stopped caring.

And those who stopped caring stopped looking and all of them together stopped asking.

Asking those questions we would all normally be asking. Questions like "mommy what's an owl"

Because soon that generation will not know…and soon that generation will no longer grow.

Not grow like we did…not think like we did. Soon they will all return to their proper place.

Back into the ground that they started from. Back into the fires that lit their eyes to night.

So much for the hope. So much for the change. So much for the promises of light and love.

We are all destined to be the mockery that we have watched on our TVs. We have owned the lies.

We have believed in them, given them life, given them breath, given them feet and arms and teeth.

And why. Because we stopped looking for the truth. We stopped being truth seekers.

I realize that in every argument we have with one another both sides always seek to be right.

And in that pride…that sin that is pride…we have all failed one another.

Separation was the original sin. Our leaders have succeeded in bring that separation to its farthest point.

A point for which we can never return to one another and are left individually to sink back into the sands.

Alone and separate from one another, from god and from the point of light that is god in all of us.

How we do we discern the truth when we are inundated with lies and blinded by propaganda.

What makes us unique has also made us greedy, hateful, prideful, murderers and blind to all of this.

What makes us strong also makes us blind, cruel, vengeful and sadistic because we are better than another.

And what makes us broken is the tool by which we have empowered our enemies against us.

That tool…is our ability to question, to think for ourselves, broken and stolen like our lives.

We have been dumbed down, stepped on, played for fools. Played for fools - every one of us.

The time is now. The days are numbered. It is good versus evil. Lies versus truth.

But the real trick is how we all can unite to defeat evil when evil has us completely separated.