"Hey Jimmy, how's it going over there?" - Tim
"Yo Tim. Nothing much interesting over here." - Jimmy
"I heard you got in a fight with your girl, what happened?" – Tim
"I don't want to talk about it, so lay off." – Jimmy

"Aw, spill dude. I wanna know." – Tim
"How 'bout no? The less gossip you know, the better." – Jimmy
"But that's the joy of it. Life is boring without gossip, man." – Tim
"You want gossip? Let's talk about that chick Nathan met." – Jimmy

"Who, the hot chick at the journalist party?" – Tim
"Yea. That chick. Got any info on her?" – Jimmy
"Not really. I heard she's dating some guy overseas though." – Tim
"Oh yea? That's a shame. Nathan is really into her." – Jimmy

"Sucks for him. Let him know, though. 'Kay?" – Tim
"Sure thing. I'll have a friend pass this on to him." – Jimmy
"Cool. I gotta go. See ya later." – Tim
"See ya." – Jimmy. To: bringinsexyback From: yourstalker .

Subject: FWD: Her email address – .
bringinsexyback's inbox: unread message – Her email address.
SCORE! To: missvixen From: bringinsexyback .
Subject: FWD: Will you marry me?

Your message has been sent. AWESOME!
"Hi Mr. Bringin' Sexy Back. This is Vixen" – Jane
"Hey there, Jane. You got an answer for me?" – Nathan
"Yea. I'm not sure if you read the email, but I think my answer is clear." – Jane

"I'm sorry, what email are you talking about?" – Nathan
"The one you sent me. You didn't read it?" – Jane
"There was nothing in the body of the email, just the subject." – Nathan
"You forwarded an email to me. You didn't know I'm already in a relationship?" - Jane

A/N: The best way to tell this story was through a chain of emails. I don't know what this would look like structurally if it were not in quatrains, but that was part of the assignment and this is my final attempt at it. Is it too telling? Vague, perhaps? Is there humor to it?