I am the drone of bees' wings

The constant monotonous hum

I am the stamp of 1,000 boot heels

marching in time

A steady clap

I am the average

The ever-productive,

cheery, witty, punctual

typical member of society

Ready to smile with mock pleasure

or laugh with an ear-grating cackle,

or sympathize with empty condolences

or grieve with hollow tears.

I am ready to do whatever

is expected of me

I am ready to rise before daylight

at the sound of a piercing alarm

to perform for you

like a puppet dangling from strings

I am ready to deceive myself

To feign everlasting contentment

for the sake of maintaining your

carefully mass-produced order and routine

I am on my toes

I am on call

At command

At your service

I am feeding a massive,


malicious tumor machine

A vile black slug maw

With the delusion

that I'm

feeding myself