A/N: This is a one-shot…

A/N: This is a long one-shot….for the damage and pain Gustav brought. To my state. Everything is torn. Lives were lost….enjoy…

I opened my eyes slowly. The howling wind awaked me. I stood up, shivering. Was there a draft? I saw slight light in the room. I walked towards the door. I noticed my brother wasn't in his spot of sleep that lay on the floor, beside the couch I laid in. I saw the door opened.

Granny must've checked in on us: I thought.

I walked out of the den and turned left to the living room. My eyes were widened. Tears formed, breaking my vision. I looked up, and gasped softly.

There, slammed in the living room, was the giant oak tree. I backed up slowly, my back hitting the wall. Tears streamed down my face and my throat felt like something was stuck in the middle. I let out a small scream when I saw it. My mother, sister, and grandparents. They were all under the tree.

I saw their eyes closed, as if they were sleeping. My chest began to hurt; it became hard to breathe. I saw a pool of blood surrounding my sister, who lay on the floor. I turned and saw my mother on the couch, blood staining the couch. I turned, seeing my grandparents in their chairs, blood covered. I screamed loudly.

I then felt a tug on my shirt. I jumped, looking behind me. It was my little brother.

He asked, "Sissy, why won't Mommy wake up?"

Tears fell down my face. I knelt down and embraced him tightly. I cried softly.

"Sissy?" he asked.

"Caleb!" I cried, sobbing loudly.

I pulled back, looking into his eyes.

"Sissy, why won't they wake up? I tried asking them to, but they wouldn't," he told me.

I stared into his eyes. They were the exact replica of my mother and sister's. Fresh tears formed. I stood, shaking violently.

I said, "Caleb…" It was so hard to speak. The lump in my throat was hurting me so bad.

"Caleb…," I said, "I…I want you to get your stuff."

"Why?" he asked. I knew he was confused.

"Just do it. Please," I begged.

He ran to the din where he and I slept, and I heard him gathering his things.

I then fell hard to my knees and cried loudly.

"G-G-Gone!" I cried, "Why?! Why them?! They did nothing! Why?!"

I turned, looking at them.

"M-M-Maybe they're still alive!" I yelled, quickly getting to my feet.

I ran to my sister first. I pushed my hand on her chest. I felt nothing. I placed my hand on her wrist….nothing.

Tears formed.

"No…" I whispered, "She's only ten! She can't!"

I turned to my mother on the couch. I saw a branch was shoved through her stomach, blood around it.

"NO!" I yelled, trying to move the branch. I saw blood dripping, and stopped.

"Mom?" I asked, begging for a response silently.


Tears fell faster.

"Momma?" I asked again, my voice becoming more begging.

Still nothing.

"Mommy?" I asked, referring to what I haven't called her in over five years.


I shook my head.

"No…," I whispered, "You can't be dead…you're supposed to live…."

I turned to my grandparents. I quickly ran to my grandfather, my PawPaw. He was moving. I felt his chest. Nothing. I saw a large cut in his head and on his chest, through his shirt. Tears fell.

"No…PawPaw…," I whispered, "You're supposed to be strong!"

I then turned to my grandmother, my Granny.

I ran and looked at her. She had a large cut through her nightgown. The one I've seen her wear for so many years. Blood dripped down her face. I felt her wrist. Nothing.

Tears fell faster and faster still.

"NO!" I screamed, "No, not you too! I…" I fell to my knees, crying softly, "I never spent as much time with you…" I shook my head, "Not as much as I should have…." I cried louder and louder.

"This can't be happening!" I screamed, "Please! Please be a nightmare!"

I slapped my face. I felt the stinging. It was so real. The nightmare was real.

"No…," I whispered.

"Sissy?" I heard behind me.

I turned, seeing my little brother. Tears fell. He was only six….and now he didn't have a mother.

"Sissy, why are you crying?" he asked me.

I couldn't answer. How could I to a six year old? How could I explain they were dead…and could never come back? How?

"S-Sissy's crying," tears fell, "Because….because…"

I couldn't bring myself to say it. As much as he needed to know, I couldn't bring myself to tell him. I just couldn't. It hurt.

"C-Caleb?" I whispered.

"Yeah?" he asked.

I looked up, noticing that he put his glasses on.

Tears fell faster.

I hugged him tightly.

"I love you! I love you, Caleb!" I screamed.

He was quiet. I knew he didn't like me hugging him, but I had to. I just needed the comfort.

I stood up.

I ran to the den and gathered up my things. I stopped. I stared at my stuffed polar bear. More tears formed and fell.



I looked up, seeing Granny. I smiled.

"Yes, ma'am?"

She smiled softly at me and looked around at my brother and sister watching TV

"Just checking up on you, kids," she said, "You're Mother told me she's living tomorrow for work and that your dad would like you three to stay here till the hurricane's over."

I smiled and said, "Ok. Thank you."

She smiled and walked in.

She looked at my sister. I looked and saw she was fast asleep.

"You're sister," she said, picking up a tootsie roll wrapper. "Such a little pig sometimes."

I laughed slightly.

"Yeah…she is," I said. I turned back to my reading.

I then saw her pick up my stuffed polar bear.

"Is this that old bear your daddy's father gave you?" she asked, "The same one you've always asked me to sew up?"

I smiled and said, "Yep."

She laughed and said, "I'm surprised you still have it. It's so old."

"It's not that old," I said, smiling, "It's the same age as me. When I turn 15, it'll turn 15"

She smiled, looking at it's feet.

"Look's like I might have to sew it up again," she said, "I see some stuffing coming out."

All I did was smile.

She turned to me and smiled.

"I'll sew it this weekend," she said.

"Thank you, Granny," I said.

She smiled softly. She kissed my cheek, and I kissed her's.

"I love you," she said.

As she walked out, I said, "I love you too."

End Flashback

I hiccupped slightly as I picked up the polar bear stuffed animal. Tears fell down my cheek.

"Granny…," I whispered. I squeezed the bear hard.

More tears fell. I placed the bear in the bag I brought. I looked around the floor for my phone. I saw it and picked it up. I opened it and looked at my battery. 46 percent was left.

I closed it, placing it in the blue jeans I slept in. I looked up and saw the roof was cracked slightly. Tears fell.

I then saw my brother enter.

"Sissy, I'm hungry," he said.

I wanted to smile. He was oblivious to everything. He was so young…

"C-Caleb…come here…." I whispered.

I looked at him, seeing the small backpack and Toucan doll my mother bought him a day before we came.

He walked towards me. I saw the confusion all over his face.

I picked him up.

"Caleb, we're going somewhere," I whispered, heading for the front door.

I saw that it was wide opened and cracked slightly.

"But what about Mommy and Dingbat?" he asked, referring to my sister.

I cried softly, thinking I was going to choke any second.

I looked outside the front door and I saw it pouring rain.

I didn't want to answer his question.

He too looked outside and noticed the rain.

"Are we going outside?" he asked.

"Yes…," I whispered, heading out the door. I turned left, towards the driveway.

"But I'll get wet and Mommy said I can get sick!" he said, repeating my mother's word.

I held him tightly.

"I'll protect you…." I said.

I felt the wind push me, trying to knock me down. I heard Caleb sneeze.

I walked on the wet, black road, looking at the houses around me.

"Wait!" Caleb said, "Tuxie!" He was referring to our dog.

"He's at Aunt DaNell's," I said, lying.

I couldn't go back and I didn't hear the dog's cries. I knew he was gone too.

"Ok," Caleb said, smiling slightly.

I couldn't smile, but I tried.

I then felt my foot slip. I quickly placed my hand on the back of my brother's head, and slammed to the ground, my face hitting it.

I tasted the metallic in my mouth. I looked at Caleb.

"Ow! Sissy, that hurt!" he said.

I felt the hot tears fall down my face. I squeezed him gently.

"I know…" I whispered.

I cried softly. I looked up. I sat up, setting Caleb beside me. I stood up, seeing that my backpack flew off of me. I grabbed it. I saw the polar bear's face stick out.

Brand new hot tears formed, falling down my cheek.

I feel to my knees and screamed, "Please! Someone help us!"