Understand Nothing

Sadness chased away
With the spontaneity
Of a blue little song

Goodbye, for a summer,
Has become Farewell
For the rest of my life

I'm okay now
I understand nothing
I accept apathy

Bitter nostalgia is all I have
Questions unanswered
Burning into oblivion

No love between
The bond broken forever
I understand nothing

Hide in the dark places
From childhood monsters
Flashing red and blue

The magical villain
Ball of orange flame
Awkward, unknowing child

Satin rose petals falling
Over the cliff, into the sea
Flags for your sand castle

Whisper soft feathers torn
Dripping sinful snowflake droplets
Caught on your tongue

Scrawl your words ten times
Count the seconds
Magic is real, magic is coming

Tear the pages out
Burn the photographs
Put out the fire with your tears

Forget the past, start anew
Life is cruel because you make it
You understand nothing