Nathaniel's First Day

Story 1

By Mell8

A.N. The assignment for this was to write a short story from five different perspectives, but! each perspective must only be 200 words. This is the result:

Story 1: The Shopkeeper's perspective

The small explosion down the street didn't bother her at all. If anything it was more of a hindrance than something to be worried about. The shopkeeper turned back to the flowers she was tending with a sigh. She held the planter in one hand while the other was carefully pushing seeds into the dirt. Her tail was carefully holding the watering can so none of the water spilled over her nice sundress. She wanted to get these flowers finished quickly because now she thought she might as well just close shop and go home.

Explosions happened all the time in the city. When people first discovered their magic and they were in a stressful situation at the time, the magic tended to be rather violent. Then, boom, an explosion.

Or it could be some rowdy kids whose play got a little out of hand. Or maybe the gangs were fighting again. The shopkeeper didn't really care who or why there was an explosion, but as the emergency vehicles flew by with the fire and water mages clinging tightly to the ladders, she knew that she wouldn't get any business at all today.