Nathaniel's First Day

Story 5

By Mell8

Story 5: Nathaniel's perspective

Nathaniel was poor, he knew that and had lived with it all of his life. Still, he didn't appreciate going through his entire first day at school as the only scholarship student being told he looked poor.
He was pretty pissed off by the time those boys with their callus free hands and heads only full of fashion and what money could buy them released him in that back alley.
Nathaniel knew what this was. It was like the gang initiation and all he had to do was impress upon these fruitcake boys that he was stronger then them and therefore not worth bothering. That should be easy enough. The boys hadn't bothered to find out why he had been admitted as a scholarship student before deriding him for it.
What they didn't know would certainly help Nathaniel.
He was the most powerful mage to ever be discovered living in this country and had been shipped across the country to attend the school with the best magic program. Getting his magic at the age of three meant that everyone wanted him to work for them. But that also meant that these boys didn't stand a chance.
Nathaniel's smile grew as the Matt boy who had been bothering him the most stepped forward. He was going to enjoy this.