Screaming at the moon
howling at that beautiful,
picturesque pale face,
straining for release.

I rip my skin away,
just to feel that ruby red liquid
slide down to the ground
oh baby,
oh baby,
You can see,
all of me-
It's all coming out now.

A crackle of the spine,
deformed face
hair all over,
Baby, I thought you loved me.

Don't run,
I can smell your fear
like a heady perfume
it's being sucked in
through my


Oh baby, it's really just begun.
chase you off the mountain,
While drool runs down my chin,
my claw can't even wipe it away.

It's so twisted,
looks like it's been smashed

You used to love
My perfect skin
those slender,



Why are you running?
I just want to touch you
feel you,
from the inside

Exquisitely smooth,
like red wine

Aged to perfection.

Don't worry,

This shouldn't hurt,
not one bit.

The night is a beautiful thing.
don't be afraid
of the long shadows
that arch to meet you.

Ignore the noises,
creeping behind you.

Let your heart
Speed up
Once again,
so the music

Of life

can reach a crescendo.

So when your
spills to the forest floor,

With the
Silver moonbeams.

Don't worry Baby,
your Honey,

-your love-

Will lie next to you…
Leaving me,
To scream at the moon.

All alone.

This came from a line in the song "You Got A Killer Scene There, Man..." by Queens of the Stone Age... Other than that, I don't really know where it came from. I'd Love to know what you think. And now there's also a story that was inspired by this. It's called While Screaming At The Moon. [heh, but it needs work =P] If you liked this, you might wanna check it out.