I am known throughout the house as the master's mistress; I'm not sure it's a good thing. My reputation is ruined forever I can never marry anyone besides Michael; Michael does not want to marry me. How can I feel so protective of a man that only wanted me for my beauty and virginity? It has been five years since I arrived at the school but things are far from the same. It takes a while to think in my mind back to the days when he loved me, when I was his toy not to be broken, his little princess. I am just a whore to be dressed up and played with now; his easy pleasure when he needs it. If it were not for my risky place at the manor I would not kiss him back, I would not let him fondle me, but I am stuck. I try to love him as I once did, but he has become an animal; he has become the master in bed.

I find my eyes drifting over the men my age; words flowing seamlessly from my mouth. I flirt easily and too much with the men, the stable hands, the servants. I know Michael will notice soon. I am a young woman of eighteen; Michael cannot give me the passionate love I yearn for. I fear for my relationship with Michael, whether it be staying with him, or turning against him.