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I've had this bad feeling,
I wanted to cry;
Ever since this morning,
But I didn't know why.

You were the first to open my doors.
I was always lost,
But you found my hiding place.

Unknowningly growing fond,
I'd be smiling at you;
Always hoping you'd be around To comfort my feeling blue.

We've been talking,
Like two people who are blithe.
I'd be comforting or teasing filling the atmosphere with bliss.

But now you have to go.
All I want to say,
'I'm not in love with you,
But we met by destiny.'

I felt something I haven't felt for awhile. The feeling of trust and care, like we were friends for a long time. I was glad to have met you, and hate to see you go. I wanted with all my heart to cry, I couldn't help it. You were the first person I opened up to and now I'm gonna lose you. You touched my heart in such a short time and I will never regret meeting you, my precious friend.