Firerain II

Hey, you all remember me right.

You all remember Rodlin Centari the pizza chef who would become the near unstoppable force known as Firerain.

Yeah well I guess you may be asking how was it like being a demi-god in a manner of speaking,

among the people.

To be honest enough for you it is complicated you see after I defeated Tornado and saved both Jersey and Lucele from the brink of peril.

Life wan't all easy there were so many changes in Trenton, people coming to the city in massive numbers because it was deemed a safer place to live by the city and town critics.

And because more opportunities were opening themselves to the people who lived in the city.

With the new uphosle of changes in the air it became harder for me to work and live.

Both as a pizza chef and as a superhero trying to keep the world safe and peaceful.

However being a hero is like being a police officer or fire fighter, people expect you to always be there for them when there in trouble and need you the most.

Although this was hard originally because of my job of being a pizza chef for Al.

It became even harder because every ounce of my free time that wasn't used to pay bills was used to fight crime.

Despite Lucele knowing this was my responsibility it wasn't always easy to break off another romantic evening out with her in order to save the city from scum yet again.

Soon even Lucele began to gain jealousy as a new pizza delivery girl would be working for Al at the pizza shop.

And with that even came the fact that a new supervillian would enter the capital city in which we lived to cause chaos yet again and put the city on the brink of disaster.

So you see the second year of being a 20 year old super hero isn't all that easy and I will explain all the events soon enough.

"The tide starts to awaken in the dawn of light".