Soon enough it seems things didn't get exactly better with Susan and I strung up to the ceiling of Mantis's apartment and with my suit at home destroyed as well as my other suit still at Susan's apartment we weren't exactly in a good place.

"Guilo, please listen to reason".

"I believe people are given a second chance in life".

"Look at you for instance".

"Even after you almost died once because of bad events you still managed to survive".

"Enough of this foolishness".

"I will shred you limb from limb".

"Lucele surely you of all people will see the light?".

"I mean think of all the time we spent together".

"Quite a lot of useless time if you asked me".


"I never told you this when were dating but I guess now that were broken up it shouldn't matter to you".

"Rodlin, to tell the exact truth, over the first year we were dating I never really loved you".

"I mean Palaminto's, saving me on numerous occusations, and being a big brawny superhero were great attributes of you".

"But I then changed by the beginning of this second year, that was until you got together with her".

"Then I was forced painfully to realize two important things of my life".

"First that I desire luxary and wealth above almost all else".

"And second that I hated you, and I always will hate you from now to the end of the earth and the entire universe for that matter".

"So if you were ever wondering that was why I volunteered to recruit myself into a partnership with the two clawed bug over there in a joint effort to kill you and Susan".

"But Lucele, you have to listen to reason".

Lucele looked back up at Rodlin with a cold smile.

"Reason?, You honastly believe I would listen to reason above fortune".

"I mean I could listen to reason until I'm blue in the face but it won't make me any richer".

"If I listen to bug squawking ans such then I will have all the fortunes in the world".

"You see Rodlin, that is where you went wrong".

"You advertised your abilities to save the common people who some day will barely even careless about you, your morals or your heroics".

"I'm different though I don't work to set examples or to give back to the community".

"You may believe in your morals but I believe in hatred, revenge and profit".


Rodlin distracts Lucele by staring at her while he moves his fingers toward his wrist watch.

"Then Lucele I guess you'll have to burn in hell".

I then pressed a button on his wrist watch and then a light enveloped my body and suddenly I was in Firerain armor.

I then useda fireball to richochet Lucele into a crumbling wall.

The wall then cracked up as Lucele hits it with her head.

I then removed restraints from his arms and his legs which were also strung up to the floor by another rung.

"Just what were you two planning to do anyway".

"Ha, cleaver of you to ask Centari".

"Our plan after we dispose of you two is to take Jewels crystalline materials and turn the city into our own personal diamond observatory".

"But we would be skating, walking and just communing on the crystalline lands while we hold the world hostage with our deadly crystals".

"You won't succeed".

Mantis turns his head to Susan who begins to wake up.

"Even if you believe you two can pull this off you won't succeed because Rodlin and I will stop you".

"Ha, the Rodlin Centari who was knocked out cold by an uppercut to the face".

"Yeah real difficulty there seeming as I know all of his weaknesses and have no trouble exploiting any of them for my own personal benefit".

"Don't worry though plant girl I believe the rain will be over soon so you can grow and spread yourself out personally".

"Mantis you still have a choice you and Lucele don't do this your risking your own life".

"My life?".

"You are actually inquiring about my life?".

"That's it you burning torch I will extinguish you now personally in honer of my father".

Mantis then attacked me and the battle was on between hero and villain.


Susan then managed to untie herself from the roped bondage.

Then she attacked Lucele with a punch to the face.

"Oh, I believe it is time to cut the grass".

Susan and Lucele were then invoked in another epic battle of hero and villain.

With all four of them fighting each other things began to get tense as the bomb that Mantis and Lucele had placed to crystallize the city.

I started the first half of the fight by getting beat up by Mantis who surpisingly was increadibly fast and lethal as he sent out two blades from gauntlets on his arms in which he used to try and attack me.

At that moment I knew why people called him the Cloaked Mantis.

But that didn't matter because after that I started to fight Mantis back.

At the other match however Susan was doing great surprisingly.

Despite her standard abilities Lucele was no match for Susan .

Then Lucele remembered her two crystallized blades.

Lucele then took them out of her morphed arms and challenged Susan.

"What are you going to do now that I have blades and you don't?".

"Because it appears as though you brought fists to a knife fight".

"Oh, yeah?".

Susan then ducked down and kicked Lucele with an underside kick that sent her into the floor.

When Susan got up she began to use the strength she got from her grass-blood fusion.

She then began to kick Lucele in the chest three times until she was dazed out just barely standing.

In which Susan slammed her with a powerful punch that launched her into bathroom sink.

Susan then went over t help me out which wasn't a bad idea because I wasn't doing the greatest in combat that night against Mantis.

Then Mantis managed to send me into the laundry room of the floor where I was stuck between several highly explosive washing machines due to faulty wiring from the contractors who installed them.

It was Susan who saved me from Mantis delivering the final blow by grabbing onto him before he could turn on the electricity switch.

Mantis didn't hesitate in picking her up and throwing her away off to the side like a piece of salt that just landed on his shirt while he was dining.

Then I was more then angered at him, I was infuriated.

So I got up and started to rapidly punch and kick him until he landed into the spot I was in.

Now I hated to take life away from people but that night I had no choice.

I fired a fireball at the washing machine cordings which in turn sent them to explode bright red ember colored flames.

I grabbed Susan and soon Lucele and ran out of the apartment.

As soon as the police arrived they took Lucele into custody.

Where before she left renewed her revenge claim against me.

And where Susan and I tired from a long night took a walk in the park behind the apartment which by then was nearly burnt to a blackened charcoal crisp on the hard solid ground.

We admired the beautiful trees, plants and pathways.

Then I noticed something strange that struck me as odd.

While we were walking I saw a green fire shaped hole in tree on the side of the path.

A few minutes later a figure covered in green armor with green fire surrounding him was on top of me.

"Today you will pay for your conceitedness Rodlin Centari".

"Today you die at the hands of the Jade Flame".

After dawn has passed the shore will rise as the victor.