Love is a Trap?
Sept. 11, 2008

Love is a game?
No, love is a trap
A choice once taken,
I can't turn back

Once I give in
Just on my part
Someone else then
Controls my heart

It's trampled it's torn
Bloodied and bruised
So many times
It has been abused

Love is a game?
No, love is a pit
I fall and I'm lost
The shoe doesn't fit

After so long
What's there to do?
How many times
Must I go through

This horrible path
On which I transcend
Only to find
A lonely dead end

I can't do this again
Can't take it anymore
What thing is worse?
What more is in store?

To block my feelings
So I can't feel
That way, my heart,
Nobody could steal

But to be cut off
No anticipation
Nothing to dream of
In any creation

Is it better to love,
To live and cry?
Or not to feel
And live with life?

Love is a con
Love is farce
Love is a trick
To break my heart

Over and over
I just cannot take it
Act like I don't care?
My heart cannot fake it

Life is to feel
To feel what is real
To live and to love
To trick and to steal

I can't tell my heart wait
Can't tell my heart no
It won't know when to stop
It can't tell when to go

Is it better to live
With love and mistakes
And all the problems
That these two create

Love is a game?
No, love is a lie
But forever this theory
My heart will deny.