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Episode 3: Birth of Tania

Chapter 25: A New Day

Monday, School Day…

Edric heard voices from the classroom as he entered; he noticed a group of people surrounding the desk next to his.

'What in the world is going on?' he wondered.

"You're living alone?" he heard one girl exclaim.

'Probably another newbie,' Edric concluded.

"Why did you decide to stay?"

"I felt like I belonged here." A girl answered.

'Wait…I know that voice!'

"Are you sure it's not because of…someone…?" the girl who asked this stole a glance in Edric's direction.

'That's enough! I'm going to find out now!' Edric started to walk towards his desk.

"No," the voice sounded sad now, "It's not because of someone. It wouldn't work anyway."

Edric froze. He was sure now, he knew that voice, knew those words, and knew that he was the one who said them, knew to who he had said them…

The group parted, finally letting him see the girl in the middle…

"Anita?" he whispered, his voice suddenly hoarse.


Then the bell rang…bad timing…as usual.

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

The day passes excruciatingly slow for both Edric and Anita. Edric had avoided Anita the whole day and now when the final bell rang, Edric grabbed his bag and shot out the door, not giving Anita a chance to catch him…or so he thought.


Something hit his back, softly. It felt small and warm and so totally right even with it clutching at his jacket.

"If…it really can't work…that's okay," said a small, sad voice, "I just hope that we can…be friends…that's all…"

Then the warmth that pressed itself to his back was gone…and so was she.

Edric spun around but Anita was already too far away.

'I love you.' Edric thought, 'I just…don't know how to say it…'

~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Anita ran all the way back to her empty house. With trembling fingers she let herself in then locked the door behind her. She rushed to her room and burst onto her balcony. From there she climbed into the tall sturdy oak that was her tree. It was her place, it was where she went when she had a lot to think about.

Anita climbed all the way to the topmost branches and firmly wedged herself into one of the forks in the tree. She wrapped her arms around herself, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to fall.

Then her cell phone beeped, distracting her from her tears.

'A message?' she wondered.

The text message was from Edric, it read:

Yeah, let's be friends…

I missed you. Edric

Anita could not stop the tears anymore and they cascaded down her cheeks and this time there was no one to wipe them away.

She hardened her heart and vowed to be the very best friend Edric ever had. Once bitten twice shy they say, and Anita never wanted to be hurt this way again. Anita wrapped her broken heart in ice and swore never to love again.

The End

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