There are six unspoken laws among angels. And though there are only six, I managed to break them all accidentally, which lead to my untimely demise. Those laws are 1) do not associate with demons from the underworld 2) do not visit the underworld 3) do not visit the human world on Halloween (it's full of demons) 4) do not tell humans that you are an angel 5) do not prevent a human's death and the most important and forbidden rule of them all; never fall in love with a human. It's not even like I had asked for the whole angel deal. It basically like the lottery, they put a bunch of names of people going to heaven in a bowl and pick one out blindfolded. They say if you were chosen to be an angel you that was your destiny ever since you were born, which is a bit sad for me since, you know, my destiny was to be the first angel ever to die... or something like that.

The funny part is I never meant to break any of them, it just happened and I couldn't stop myself. I am not a rebellious person I wasn't even when I was human. To be an angel you don't need to be a nice church girl that prays everyday, as I said, it is totally random. An angel's job is to decide, after spending time with a person, whether they should go to heaven or hell. I never had a problem with deciding, I would go to earth for a day and give them advice. If they followed my advice then they would go to heaven, unless they had done some unforgivable things. It was always so easy, and then my 'destiny' exploded in my face. When I was told my next human (judgment call) was Blake Foster. I expected another easy assignment, but I had no idea how wrong I was.

With every job we get a file about the person, their whole life in one small manila folder. In each folder is general information and then a list of their sins. Our boss, also known as God, recommended that we read each profile. My motto ever since I found out I was an angel was 'let's not and say we did'. Generally the folders are about an inch thick, but this kids was huge. At least a foot thick. I looked at his picture, he looked young which made me a little bit gloomy that such a youthful person was dying. I was young when I died, a piano fell on my head. When I was human I always wanted to try piano, now it scares the crap out of me. The headlines for a week after my death were about how Miss Rosaline Carter was in the wrong place at the wrong time. In his picture, Blake was smiling and his hair was gelled up in the front and had been dyed black. I looked at his folder. There were at least five hundred pieces of paper. Something about him intrigued me. Actually it was more of an obsession than being intrigued. I read the whole file in one night.

After reading his file I longed to know more about this Blake Foster. Most files had been boring and expected, but his was full of sins I never knew existed. I had never been so intrigued since my death, mostly it was old men who's worst sin was stealing grapes at the grocery store. There was never anything about brawls or drugs, it was like reading a thriller for the first time. The only way to learn more about him was to make him get to heaven. My goal had changed so fast from 'decide where to put him' to 'make him go to heaven'

I loved walking around in the human world because of what my human form looked like. When you become an angel, what ever you want to look like you look like in the human world. It is a great self esteem booster. Whenever I was playing the part of a human I was a brunette. I hated blond, I was blond when I was alive and when I was an angel and it had lost its allure long before I was dead. To find Blake I was told he would be at the Red Raven, a bar downtown. I tried to fit in wearing skinny jeans and a tank top but I still felt out of place. Everyone else was wearing chains and had hundreds of piercings. I walked into the bar feeling flustered already, but I managed to focus on the task ahead and not what I was wearing, when I saw girl. She was a peculiar girl that seemed to be nineteen or twenty. She had short black hair that had been straightened and dried out. Instead of a shirt she wore a vest, just enough fabric to cover her breasts. Ripped leggings covered her legs along with a denim mini skirt, leather belt and black combat boots. She was dressed like everyone else, but seemed different. I looked at her more closely and noticed two small pointy triangles sticking out of her head. A demon. Only angels and demons can differentiate other demons and angels from a crowd. Angels have a small halo above their head. I stormed over to her, and my instant hate towards demons bubbled out.

"Why are you here?" I asked cornering her into a wall. She snorted and inspected her black nails.

"I think I should be the one asking that. Why would an angel show up at the Red Raven?"She glared at me now, her arms crossed over her chest.

"For your information, demon, I have an assignment here." I put my hands on my hips and stuck my tongue out. Yeah, I know, very angelic of me. She stared at me like I was stupid, so I just had to talk more, "My human is Blake Foster, and I am going to take him with me to heaven."

"Really? Well then, angel, looks like you are going to have to fight for him." She was smirking now. This is why I don't like demons, they smirk and glare and that's it.

"Now why is that?" I asked.

"Because I want to bring him home with me." She said. Great I thought there goes one law.

Authors note: Hey guys! I started a new story (don't worry, I will be finishing My First Kiss And Other Tragic Tales, I haven't given up on it) as you all can tell. I don't know how I came up with this honestly, it was right before I took a nap I think. Anyway, I need to plan this out (in my head) and then I will be able to write this one more quickly. I can't guarantee I will ever finish this story but please keep on reading and comment because I will try my best. REVIEW PLEASE (and yes I know this chapter is super short)


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