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Out of the goodness of my heart

Out of the goodness of my heart -Summary

(Oneshot. Needs lots of love.) How was I supposed to know that he didn't like her? I mean, really. I only set him up out of the goodness of my heart. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

"So how was it?" I tried to flutter my eyelashes, but alas. This skill is not for me.

Darren looked absolutely furious. "Disastrous. Selena? Selena?"

"What's wrong with her?" I asked, twitching my eyebrows. Selena is cute, talks a lot of rubbish and is somewhat nice. What else could you want?

"Everything! She's just not…y…I mean…just…I don't like her!" Darren informed me, with a rather childish look on his face, as if he wanted some chocolate which he was not getting.

"It wasn't my fault!" I snapped. "How was I supposed to know that you don't like Selena?"

"Kat, I like someone else and really, Selena couldn't tell the difference between an isosceles triangle and a scalene triangle. How could you think that I like her?" Darren asked me, and I could see a little desperation on his face.

"Ooh, so you like brainy women, do you?"

"You really don't know how much," he said cryptically, and I was momentarily stumped, seeing the little smile on his face.

Was he, or was he not angry with me for setting him up with Selena? I, of course, ignored the skipped beat of my heart when he smiled. My heart is defective; does completely random things at completely inappropriate times.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I demanded. "And who do you like?"

I, once again, ignored the tiny pang of sadness that ran through me when I said the above words. Like I said, defective atriums and ventricles.

"Someone…" he trailed off, brushing away his adorably dark brown hair from his forehead.

Of course, I didn't just say what I believe I just said in my head.

If that makes any sense.


"So your setting Darren up with Selena went all wrong, huh?" Mahi asked me at lunch afterwards.

I cricked my neck around so fast that I almost thought it would sprain. Saved by my good skeletal system (Note the bio references: I'm going to become a scientist).

"How do you know?" I demanded.

"Well, isn't it obvious? If he liked her, he wouldn't be flirting with Allison now."

"What?" I exclaimed so loudly that I'm sure there was some damage to my vocal cords. (You'll really have to excuse these. I simply cannot help it!) And I craned my neck to see how he was flirting with Allison.

He was definitely sitting with her. He was definitely talking to her. And he was definitely smiling. Well.

"He told me he liked someone else," I breathed out in a huge whisper, which actually sounded like a fake dramatic stage whisper.

"Really?" Mahi asked, equally conspira-tion-ally.

"Yup, and I'm so sure now that it's Allison," I told her and ignored the feeling that went through me. No, it was not jealousy! It was just a wrong nerve impulse.

"I don't think so," Mahi said. "I don't think it's Allison."

"So who do you think it is then?" I asked curiously. Mahi was good at these kind of things. And no, my interest was merely…just that. Interest.

Mahi just looked at me and smiled pityingly.


Are my medulla and thalamus getting rusted or what?


"I got a what?" I whisper softly.

"An F," my teacher confirmed.

An F in Biology? No. Way. No. Freaking. Way. I can NOT get an 'F' in Biology! My life is damaged! Destroyed! Catastrophically done for!

Did I mention I'm a bit too dramatic?

"You're slipping, Katalina. You're not as good as you used to be. Or you probably are, but you've stopped trying. I don't know…figure it out and I want you to meet me afterwards."

Oh shit.


I trudged VERY slowly to Fruitfun, the juice shop at which I work. Do not laugh.

I had almost forgotten about my Biology grade. Almost, because I liked working at Fruitfun and I got free apricot/peach juice. I LOVE it. I know, I'm weird in that way but really, you should taste it…tastes like heaven. Makes your taste buds and tongue muscles go all tingly. And when it slips down your esophagus…oops. Sorry.

But just because I liked working there doesn't mean that they liked me working there. As it tuned out, they didn't.

"I didn't mean to, I swear," I was practically crying after my two hour shift was up. Today had been a particularly bad day.

"She said you poured it deliberately on her because she insulted you," my boss told me with his evil eyed look.

I shuddered. That was partly true. Because, 1) I didn't pour anything on her deliberately and 2) She did insult me. So, in fact, I should be rewarded.

It also turned out that today was not my day.

"I've had enough," he sighed. "I'm sorry, but you're fired."

Oh, that's ok-wait. WHAT?!

"I'm sorry?" I asked. I must really not be feeling well since I'm getting hallucinations and I just imagined my boss firing me.

"I said you're fired," he stared at me like I was demented.

"But you can't!" I wailed, not very convincingly, I might add. I even fluttered my eyelashes but this did not work, for my boss was forty year old, and I was not sexy at all.

"Who says?"

And of course, being the pineapple I am, I didn't have anything to say to that. No offence to pineapple, of course.


"So you're really leaving?" I asked listlessly.

"Today," Ash confirmed. And before you start to jump for joy that 'Yes! This girl isn't as pathetic as I thought she was, she does have a boyfriend', I'd like to clarify that he's my brother.

My brother whom I love very much and is leaving me all alone to fend for myself to go to some stupid university in some stupid far off state and I'm all alone. Did I mention I'm all alone?

Except for my mom, who's…not a teenager. So I'm all alone (Sorry, just reiterating).

"Can't you go afterwards?" I asked.

"No," Ash said. "You know I can't…"

Then he smiled. "But you can have that kid, what's his name, Darren as your brother, right?"

I really don't know why I felt a pang in my heart (DEFECTIVE!) at that, do don't even bother asking.


I didn't feel good at all the next day. I didn't even feel OK. Actually, I didn't even feel – well, you get the point.

I traipsed through my classes all day looking like some zombie from Star Wars. It's so bad that it's not even funny. I even noticed Darren looking at me weirdly. Do NOT ask why I blushed. The RBC's suffered a momentarily spurt of cell division.

"So what do you have?" I asked Mahi as usual at lunch but it's not as loud as usual. Excuse the sentence.

"Sandwich. Want one?"

"No," I grumbled. God. Why can't anyone get a burger?

Just minutes before class was going to start, and when only Mahi and I and a few other kids were in the cafeteria, I realized that I hadn't completed my French homework. Oh. My. God. That teacher is Godzilla for sure. She will kill me.

I informed Mahi about this and she said something which I didn't quite catch because my gaze had fallen on Darren.

With Allison. Smiling and laughing.

I swear it wasn't that. Maybe it was because I got a freaking 'F' in Bio. Or maybe it was because I lost my job. Or maybe it was because Ash left. Or maybe it was because my head hurt like hell. Or maybe it was because I had not completed my French homework and I was going to be murdered. But it was NOT because of Darren and Allison flirting so shamelessly. Which, I think is very, you know, s-like of her.

Anyhow, I had reached the limit. That was probably why I burst into tears then. Loud, uncontrollable tears which rolled down my face like River Danube.

Bloody brilliant.

All the kids left there, namely Darren, Mahi, Allison, Finn and his twin, Maria and Isobel, stared at me.

The former two instantly walked towards me with concern on their faces.

"What's wrong?" asked Darren, in his veeery nice, deep voice (IGNORE! My fingers are also been controlled by my defective heart).

I don't know what happened in that moment but I was vaguely aware of some look passing between Mahi and Darren and suddenly I was all alone with Darren in the cafeteria. All the other kids had decided to give us our privacy.

How nice. (Note the sarcasm)

And then suddenly, I felt big, strong arms come around me and hug me tightly. And it felt nice and safe. But unfortunately, I did not stop crying. I just continued to cry on his shirt.

"Are you OK?" Darren asked softly and I could just HEAR the worry in his voice.

"What do you think?" I snapped only it came out as "Waf fu you fink?" on the account of the fact that I was, you know, bawling.

"Whoa!" Darren said at my outburst. But it was a nice Whoa. Okay. I have to say it. What is wrong with me?

He just hugged me tighter. I buried my face in the crook of his neck.

"Why're you doing this?" I finally asked, smelling his delicious aftershave, still crying but lesser than before. Thank the lord.

"Isn't that obvious?" he smiled. I knew because I felt it.

"I hate Allison," was the next thing that my heart made my mouth blurt out. I shall really have to disown both of them.

His smile grew even wider and I actually saw it this time (my heart skipped two beats, mind you) because he had gently pulled away and was now an inch away from me.



"I only did it to make you jealous," he admitted.

"But why would you need to make me jealous?" I asked dumbly. You'll have to excuse my obliviousness. I was under severe shock.

He laughed. "You are so dim," he said. "I love you."




I stared at him, looking at the hope on his face. For me. He was hoping that I liked him back. And I swear I don't know why I did it, but I pulled away from him and his strong arms, and bulging biceps and hard chest and invigorating scent and great smile and ran.

Away from him.

I didn't particularly like the crushed look on his face when I looked back for a fleeting second.

My heart gave another pang. Defective, my brain said feebly.


After crying some more and feeling very bad for some time, the next day I was feeling extremely, extremely empowered. So empowered that I had even decided on a fool-proof plan of action and turned up early in school. Yay for me.

Note the flatness of tone in which aforementioned sentence is said.

Note the fact that fact that I have plan of action is a lie.

Note the fact that I am feeling empowered is also a lie.

Note the fact that I am not a liar.

Note the fact that I am obviously lying.

Someone waved a hand in front of my face. "Dreaming again?" Mahi asked. "Is that all you'll do when your dream boy is being encroached upon by some other contender in the History room?" she sounded kind of annoyed with me.

My head snapped up. "What?" I said. "By who?"

"Whom," Mahi admonished. Yeah, yeah, English freak.

"Allison," Mahi said after a second when I glared at her impatiently.

And then, I just went mad. There's absolutely no other explanation for it.

Maybe that's probably why I did what I did.

I ran away from Mahi, strode right inside the history class, where Allison was fluttering her eyelashes at Darren and pulled her away from him AND yelled at her, "What the hell do you think you're doing flirting with my boyfriend?"

I know, I know. I must have been insane.

She stared at me, with a scared look on her face and after another glance at my glaring face, with my hands on my hips, she scampered away frightened.

That's the end, you think. But oh no. My madness was not over yet.

I turned, looked at a bewildered but adorable Darren and kissed him.

I kissed him as I'd never kissed anyone before (which was not really all that impressive since anyone comprises of a grand total of two people but still) and pressed myself as close to him as possible.

"So from when am I your boyfriend?" Darren suddenly interrupted as he gently pulled away but he was smiling. I could just feel the happiness radiating off him.

I didn't pay any attention to him (the lunacy at work) and kissed him again. You would have thought I was a kiss-crazed maniac. But I was not; I was simply a Darren-crazed maniac.

After kissing me back for some time (during the course of which I literally melted, so Darren had to practically lift me so that I didn't fall right then and there), Darren pulled away again. I made a sound of disappointment.

"I thought you didn't like me?"

"I never said that," I countered. "I just…ran away. You never bothered to run after me and find out."

Darren opened his mouth to say something but I beat him to it, and promptly kissed him for the third time. I seriously think I may have to consult a psychologist.

Felling his soft lips against mine, kissing me like there was no tomorrow and his strong arms around me, holding me tight and making me feel safe, I gave a small sigh of contentment.

"So why did you decide to suddenly like me?"

God. He was irritating.

"Love," I said. "Not like. Say 'Love.' Why did I decide to suddenly love you," which was you know, a totally cheesy thing to say but I swear Darren's grin increased about tenfold and it looked like his face would burst because of that smile.

And me? My atria and ventricles were falling all over themselves to see who could skip a beat first.

I guess they were not THAT defective.

"And in answer to your question," I continued like a love struck fool, looking up at him, "It was out of the goodness of my heart."

"I see," he murmured, grinning after looking surprised for a second and then he kissed me.


And so I kissed him back.

Out of the goodness of my heart, of course.

No other reason. Nope.