The day had started off as any normal one would. Kira got up, turned off her alarm, grabbed a baby bottle, and fed her son. From there, she endured two hours of yelling from her ignorant father about being neglectful and illiterate. She wasn't stupid or illiterate. She had just made some bad choices. Every normal teenager made mistakes, except her. She was supposed to be perfect, a saint. The truth was that she wasn't. It was time they learned and understood that.

Kira closed her bedroom door to get away from the noise that always found its way out her father's mouth. She leaned against the door and closed her eyes, trying to clear her head from the thoughts that seemed to float endlessly through her mind. There were times where she just wanted to disappear, never to be seen again. There were other times where she had wanted to blow up and let everyone know what was on her mind, weather it was good or bad. There were also those times where she wished that she could solve all her problems by turning back the hands of time to specific events in her life.

As the minutes ticked by, she knew that she had to get ready for class. She looked into the crib against the wall and looked at her son, who slept with a smile on his face. There was a saying that when a child smiled or laughed when they slept then they are playing with the angels. It seemed that he did a lot of playing with the angels in his sleep. She often would wonder if he was really playing with the angels. If he was playing with the angels then was he playing with his grandmother who had passed away before he was born?

She sighed and closed her eyes once again before she looked at the time. It was only 7:50 A.M. She still had time to rest, but she really wanted to get out of the house. One could only endure so much before it gets to them. Kira stifled a yawn as she walked over to the dresser table, looking into the mirror. Her reflection stared back at her. Sometimes she felt like her refection had a mind of its own, which was true at times. This is why she named her reflection Hikari.

The mirror she had was a gift from her grandmother before she had passed. The mirror was special to her, simply because it was different from any other mirror. She tapped her fingers on the table lightly in thought. She couldn't decide what to wear. As she looked up into the mirror again, Hikari was in the mirror closet pulling out clothes. Kira tilted her head to the side as she watched Hikari. Hikari pulled out, outfit after outfit and modeled them for Kira. When she finally decided on what to wear she nodded her head at Hikari. It was then that the clothes she wanted to wear would appear on her bed, neatly ironed and pressed.

Any other individual would have been disturbed or alarmed but Kira was used to it. She wasn't exactly normal. At her birth, her mother had given her up for reasons unknown to her. From there, she was adopted into her uncle's family. She had grown up knowing him as her father but she knew he was just her guardian. Her biological father was long gone. He didn't abandon her, he just went missing, she hoped. It was something she couldn't explain or understand.

Her uncle turned into the closest thing she had as a father figure. By the time she was six, he wasn't the nicest person around. He had changed. He wasn't kind nor caring, or even considerate. He was manipulative, conceited, abusive in all forms, and overall a tormenter. He tormented her from sun up to sun down. Things didn't get any better when she started to go through changes.

When she was born she had black curly hair and gray eyes. By the time she was three, her hair straightened out into a silky black color. Her eyes remained the same, but her hair slowly changed color. When she was six, her hair was black highlighted with silver. The changes in her hair got her in more trouble with her uncle. The more she changed, the madder he would get and this resulted in more unwanted attention from him. Her uncle basically treated her like an outcast. At the tender age of ten, she found out that she was able to move things with a thought or the wave of her hand. This was one of her many hidden talents.

Two years after discovering what she could do, she found out that her grandmother was dying. She was twelve at the time when she was laying on her grandmother's bed with her. She knew she was sick but she refused to believe it. She didn't treat her like someone who only had a couple of hours to live. She treated her like her best friend who would be around forever, even though she knew what would eventually come to happen. It was then that the conversation began…

"Kira…," her grandmother said softly.

"Yes, Gran Ma-Ma." Kira replied, sitting up looking at her curiously.

"You…have to know-"she began but stopped due to the fact that she had begun to cough.

"Know what, Gran Ma-Ma." She said as she handed her grandmother a glass with some water.

"Everything…Your mother was killed shortly after she had given birth to you. It was because of what she was…"

"No…They said that she gave me up, Gran-gran."

"Kira…my child… you must listen and try to understand." Her grandmother said sternly.

"Yes, Gran-gran."Kira replied, bowing her head in respect to listen to her.

"Your mother was a pure-blooded Feminaire. The demons killed her because of what she was. Your mother had the power to purify the demons. She angered them when she changed their leader. Their leader was your father, Kira. Your mother died…protecting you from the demons."

Kira said nothing. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She figured that her mother didn't want her and she lived with that. She never pressed the matter. She didn't want to know why she was not wanted in her mother's life. She didn't want to be disappointed. Now she knew the truth and the truth hurt.

"What is a Feminaire?" she questioned.

"A Feminaire is like a wiccan but they do not always have to use spells and potions. Some are gifted with the power of sight, healing, wisdom, and so much more."

"Oh…you mean a witch." She said, using the up-to-date word.

"Never a witch… Witches are evil..." She stated, covering her mouth with a clothe as she began coughing violently.

"Gran-gran?" She said as her bottom lip quivered from seeing the blood that spotted the silky white clothe.

"Never mind me child. Kira, you have been coming into your Feminaire powers. I know this because I've been watching you. You move things when you think I'm sleeping. Your hair is changing…" She said as she place her hand on Kira's. "Your powers must be kept a secret. My son, your uncle…has changed. He's become one of them…."

"One of what?"

"Demons… he's on their side and if he finds out that you've become one of them then…"

"Yes, grandma." She said softly, knowing what would come next.

Kira looked behind her when she heard the door open. It was her uncle and the look on his face wasn't as pleasant as he faked it to be. Behind him there was a doctor and a nurse, who didn't look like they would ever fit the role of being what they where pretending to be.

"Kira…Out!" Her uncle said sternly. "It's time for your grandmother to take her medication."

Kira hesitated. The sound of his voice and the way he looked made it seem that it was more than that. If anything, she figured they had came to cause more damage than good. She looked at her grandmother with tears in her eyes. She didn't want to leave her by herself. She was too weak to do anything to help herself. Kira knew something wasn't right. Her grandmother smiled at her then nodded, letting her know that it was okay.

"Kira, there is a book you would love to read. It's in the second drawer of the dresser. It's called "Shadow Dance." I know you've been sneaking some of my books and I figure you might enjoy it." She said warmly as she nudged her off the bed.

As Kira slid off the bed and moved to the dresser, her uncle had already beat her there. He took out the book and flipped through it, looking for something or anything that might have hinted to him about what they were talking about before he entered the room. When he found nothing unusual, he threw the book at her then shoved her out the room, slamming the door behind her. Kira tried to listen to the conversation behind the door but all she could make out was the distinct sound of angry voices. Something happened in that room and she wondered what it was because that was the last time she had talked to her grandmother.

The sound of her son crying is what snapped Kira out of her thoughts. She moved to the crib and picked him up with ease, hushing him softly. It seemed that he probably had a bad dream, the minute he realized that he was safe in his mother's arms he quieted instantly and went back to sleep. Kira held him for a few more minutes, rocking him and singing to him. After placing a small kiss on his forehead, she placed him back in his crib and turned on the small fan. She made sure his baby bag was packed again and then went to take her shower. She knew that by the time she was finished with her shower, her aunt would have left with her son to take him to daycare.

The book that her grandmother gave her seven years ago was more than it seemed. After reading the book several times, she couldn't understand it. It seemed normal but it was more than that. It wasn't until she figured out that it was written in code. The letter T that wasn't crossed was actually L's. O's happened to be the letter G. The letter U was actually V. It had taken Kira month's to decode the whole book but it was worth it. The book was her mother's and it was full of journals and spells. Although she never practiced them, the spell she had mastered was the Glamour spell. A spell that allowed her to change her appearance at will.

After another month of practicing the glamour spell, Kira changed her appearance to one that was more normal. Her hair changed from black with silver highlights to a soft sandy brown color with blonde highlights. Her eyes went from gray to hazel. Her facial features softened, making her look more alive than tired. The spell hid the bags that formed under her eyes from being up all night, cleaning and working throughout the house.

She didn't apply the spell at once, she changed her appearance bit by bit. She made the sandy brown color of her hair start at her roots and allowed it to grow out. In months time she had totally changed her appearance. The glamour spell made everything easier for her. Her uncle let up on her and didn't watch her as closely as he used to. He even allowed her to participate in after school activities and she even started to make friends. She wasn't an outcast anymore. In fact, surprisingly enough she had a boyfriend, but that was behind her Uncle's back.

After she finished her morning ritual, she went to the University of Higher Learning. Anybody who was everybody went there. Anything… went there. By anything she meant jocks, geeks, freaks, hippies, cheerleaders, dictators, gothic people, and a occasional few that had special abilities. At her high school everybody was friends with everybody. No one was separated into "clicks". This was something she was slowly getting used to. Her world wasn't really normal but she learned to cope. Having to go to a school with "clicks" was something she had learned to deal with.

Kira rushed through her classes to get home. She failed a math exam by one point, aced her Spanish exam, and barely made it through Advance Microeconomics. As she hit her bedroom, she threw her bag on her bed. She cleaned up after her six month son and then headed to the laptop. She entered in her password and logged into her messenger. She smiled happily as her messenger chimed with a message from her boyfriend. From that moment on her already frustrating day seemed to slowly go downhill.

Kira Angel : Come on… what do you want to tell me…

Demonic One: Don't worry about it… Maybe tomorrow.

Kira Angel : You've been doing this for days straight. Tell me what you want to tell me.

Demonic One: I think we should stop seeing each other…

Kira stared at her computer. She couldn't believe what she was reading. The message had come out of nowhere and she was trying to make it work. She swore to the Almighty One Above that she was trying, but it wasn't enough. She'd lost him and it was her very own fault.

Kira Angel : Oh… Okay…

Demonic One: Are you okay?

Demonic One: Buzz!

Demonic One: Buzz!

Kira Angel : Fine… I'm fine.

How can you break up with some one and then ask if they was okay? No one would be okay if they had just broken up with someone or if someone had broken up with them. It's not like he had the guts to break up with her over the phone. It was by instant message. How cruel and unusual was that?

She wasn't fine. In fact, her heart felt like it had shattered into a million pieces. Kira stared at the computer before turning away, not bothering to shut it down or answer the rest of his questions. She climbed off her bed and walked to the porch, slipping past the screen. She walked to her comfort zone in the corner of the small area and sat in one of the chairs, somehow managing to curl up into a small ball.

She sighed and stared at the ocean, watching the crystal blue water. Maybe if she had talked to him more or did things differently then they would still be together. Kira closed her eyes and then opened them, salty drops of water rolled down her cheeks. She knew it was her fault and she knew that she shouldn't have been mad but she'd basically pushed him away. She'd stop calling, never had anything to say when he called, and she'd also went out of her way to ignore him or make him jealous.

Months passed after the initial break up and Kira still couldn't get over him. If anything, she would think about him more, daydream about him and write his name in her books. She still talked to him everyday over the internet, not trying to let her feelings show but once in a while she would slip up and hope that he wouldn't notice. It was on one of those days that she found out some wonderful news.

Kira Angel : I'm just reading a book. What's new with you?

Demonic One: Packing… I'm coming home…

Kira Angel : Seriously? For how long.

Demonic One: Two week.

Kira grinned. He was coming home and she couldn't wait. They weren't suppose to be together but she was determined to get him back and if she couldn't, she would make him realize what he would be missing out on. The plan two weeks notice was in effect… as of five minutes ago.


Kira Angel : Come on… what do you want to tell me…

Demonic One: Don't worry about it… Maybe tomorrow.

Kira Angel : You've been doing this for days straight. Tell me what you want to tell me.

Demonic One: I think we should stop seeing each other…

The Demon could not believe what his fingers typed. He knew it was coming to this but he didn't want it to end. His girlfriend had just recently given birth to a baby that wasn't his and wouldn't tell him who the father was or if she had cheated on him. He loved her deeply but didn't know what to do. The best thing at the time seemed to be ending their relationship.

Kira Angel : Oh… Okay…

Demonic One: Are you okay?

Demonic One: Buzz!

Demonic One: Buzz!

Kira Angel : Fine… I'm fine.

This was one of the hardest things he ever did. The Demon had never broken up or dumped a girl before. He felt terrible like some dark evil had slipped from his fingers to the computer screen. He wanted to say he was joking, he was messing with her, after all even though he was a demon, he had a heart and it belonged to her. He could feel the pain coming off of her from 5000 miles away. He want to say something to comfort her but the only thing he typed was "Are you okay?".

"What an idiot I am," He thought to himself. "I don't have a choice."

Everyone was telling him to break up with her because she cheated on him. All his friends said that if he didn't break up with her he was a retarded or just desperate. He hadn't heard from her for months at a time. They were rarely together when he was home those few precious weeks. He really believed she wasn't interested in him any more or found someone who could be at her side all the time. Or she was hiding something major that she wanted no one, not even him not to know. All the Demon wanted was the truth and she wasn't telling him. The imagination is an powerful thing capable of making up the best and worst case scenarios, his brain was stuck on the worst.

He laid back on his bed in the middle of hell wondering what had he done. He had just single handedly crushed the heart of the girl he loved. "All good things must come to an end." he said to himself. For some reason he found it hard to believe. He had just lost all the motivation that drove him to survive this hellish environment. "I really love you. I really do but I don't know what else to do. I'm so sorry." he said over and over to himself before he drifted off to sleep. The tears that threatened to come finally spilled and rolled down his cheeks in his sleep.

Months passed after the initial break up and The Demon still couldn't get over her. If anything, he would think about her more and daydream about her. They still talked everyday over the internet, he couldn't help but flirt with her every chance he got. He was wondering whether or not he should tell her he was coming home. The hope of seeing her again helped him make up his mind.

Kira Angel : I'm just reading a book. What's new with you?

Demonic One: Packing… I'm coming home…

Kira Angel : Seriously? For how long.

Demonic One: Two weeks.

He thought it over. What was the chances of him getting back with her? She might have found someone else in those couple of months apart. He really wanted them to get back together, but more importantly he wanted to discover the truth of what really happened.

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