Author's note: this is nothing do to with my other story Fallen Angel, My Guardian Angel. Sorry if it gave you that idea. I was supposed to be studying for the exams but this story just sort of bounced out at me from my text books (who knows how..) and I grabbed my padpaper and wrote it down, so here it is... Please review if you like it. I hope the message is clear of who these two Guardian Angels really are.

Guardian Angels

"Push me!" I spot the empty swings in the park and toddle towards it as fast as my short legs can carry me.

You laugh, keeping up with me by lengthening your strides

I clamber onto the seat and you exert pressure on my little back, letting me sway to and fro, to and fro. I reach out with one hand, thinking that I can touch the sky. My other hand clutches tightly on the yellow plastic covering the chains. Five pudgy fingers curl proudly around it.

"Higher!" My shrill, childish voice rings out when I realize I cannot possibly reach the sky with the current height.

"No, you'll fall off." You muse; content to let the swing oscillate within your control. Seeing me pout, you grin and say, "But I'll tell you a story."

"OK." Like usual, my attention is easily diverted.

"Well, it starts like this: everyone has two angels keeping them safe." You glance up at the serene sky.

"Angel?" I interrupt, "with wings?" I wriggle my legs to make the swing go a bit faster.

"Yes, with pretty wings." You take care not to let it accelerate. "But you see, when they find the person they're going to protect, they put their wings away."

"They don't wear them anymore?" The meaning behind my words brings a chuckle out of your mouth.

"No," you shake your head even though I can't see you.

"Even if they're pretty?" I turn my head to look at you. You smile, though your eyes are sad.

"Even if they're pretty." You caress my face and I turn back. You return to the story. "The pair of angels they keep the person safe, give him wings, teach him to become an angel…. Then, when the person gets stronger and stronger, the pair of angels get older and older, until one day, they find the chest they locked up their wings in, and wear them for the last time."

I get tired of the swings and my feet drag along the sand every time the arc reaches its lowest point. "I want to have wings." I announce, pointing to a bird that is hopping on the grass not far off from us.

We fall silent. The swing stops moving and I shuffle off it. "I wish I have two angels looking after me."

You gaze at me tenderly. Unspoken words swirl in your mouth on top of your tongue.

"I fell down yesterday and Mommy had to stop the hurt." I pull up my trouser leg to show you the scab. "So I don't have any angel looking after me." I seem glum for a moment, but then perk up. "I want to go home and eat some ice-cream."

You watch me scamper away before following. The words linger at the tip of your tongue but you don't say anything because you know a child can't understand such ideas.

Author's Note: The narrative voice is a child's voice, if you haven't noticed... and 'you' is supposed to be someone a bit older. Please review if you like this.