Fighting Fate

The scene was still. Two humans breathing slowly, quietly, only half aware of my presence. Yet how could they not be?

I was everywhere, controlling every moment, every outcome, every ending. The quiet knocking on the hospital room door seemed loud and obtrusive in comparison to the silence that crowded the room.

The male patient on the bed stirred slightly, turning his head away from the intruder. The girl looked up, hope already now gone from her eyes.

A white coat and blue hospital scrubs gave away the reason for the sudden interruption.

The doctor sighed, he was the bearer of bad news – the leukaemia was not improving and although his health was at first improving, it was now decreasing rapidly.

The girl stared at the doctor, no words were said but she understood. She didn't want to hear it out loud. Grabbing her brother's hand she laid her head on his bed and began to absently stroke his wrists.

The doctor watched this image in silence, lost in his own thoughts. He was a smart man. He understood the world and that things didn't always go the way one wanted, that I had more control over them than they thought.

He walked back out, feeling useless. And so the process went for months on end. Repetitive and vicious the cycle continued, tormenting the boy and his sister. Death watched on, teasing them cruelly, barely on the fringes of his sight as he begged to be released from his pain.

Soon the empty hospital room became crowded with 'Get Well' cards and bunches of colourful flowers. There were photographs and posters on the walls and next to his bed, a constant reminder of the life he used to lead only 9 months ago.

In the brief moment that his sister left him, he came to a startling decision, which had surprisingly never occurred to him before. He looked around the room, the smiling faces of his friends and loved ones looked at him, urging him on.

"I'm going to live." He whispered once.

"I'm going to live." He repeated louder, more passionately.

It was at this moment that I felt pity for this young boy. He was young and foolish believing that he could control his ending. No. For eternity I have been subjected to this role, and for eternity I shall complete it.

The sister stumbled back into the room, the tiredness and stress was wearing her out. He greeted her with a smile. Confusion settled upon her face, what did he mean?

"I'm fighting." He told her, determination evident in his voice.

She replied with a small smile, unbalanced by the spark of hope ignited in her eyes. Hope was back.

A sudden jolt knocked me out of my reverie. My vision was gone; the heaviness of black drowned me, pressed on me, suffocating me. What was going on?

This had never occurred in all my years of existence, confusion and rage filled my senses, and clouding any reason and logic I might've held.

After a few minutes my sight returned, the doctor was standing at the end of the bed, the boy's test results in hand. The family listened attentively, but the words were lost on my ears.

What was happening to me? This can't be happening, I panicked to myself. An immortal can't lose their senses. I, Fate, cannot lose my senses!

A single word, action can affect the whole outcome of the situation. It would lead the human down an unmarked path, an unknown trail.

Hissing I watched the boy smirk in what would be a coincidental reply to my annoyance.



I cause coincidences. I create coincidences.

What was this single human boy doing? Did he not know whom he was messing with?

I could ruin the lives of those around him with a single click of the fingers. I could end his life in a breath.

I chuckled mercilessly to myself. The boy would die anyway, what would be the harm in ending him now?

I took a reassured step forward, the human wouldn't last against and immortal. A silver glint in my peripheral vision made me pause as I went to take another step.

A thread was floating harmlessly in the air, the length of a prison bar, from floor to roof.

I ignored it and turned back to the main scene, where more lines of the silver thread greeted me, a wall between the curious boy and myself.

Shocked I attempted to continue on with my plan, but found myself unable to move beyond the bars of thread. Something was incredibly wrong, as Fate I should be controlling this. What was going on?

For the second time my vision left me, but this time I did not struggle against the darkness. I let it fill my lungs and control me.

"I'm fighting," was the last thing I heard.

a/n: Yes, i do know how bad the ending is but it was for English. Happiness all around, people! Again, this is for Laura; for making me put this up, and for sticking with me through English lessons with the teacher we will miss so much.