Thalassic Marines

Motto: Rising from the Depths

Role: Marine infantry/Underwater Warfare specialists

Equipment: Aether carbine, harpoon gun, cutting tools, cutlass, aqua aegis

Thalassia has a history of absolute naval superiority despite its relatively small size. Their Marines have been and continue to be a strong contributor to this superiority. They are the foremost experts in underwater warfare and maintain a respected reputation as amphibious assault troops and shipboard marines as well.

The Thalassic Marines can trace their origin back to the Thalassic pirates that harassed the world's shipping lanes for centuries. They acquired a dangerous reputation far and above that of ordinary pirates thanks to their abhuman nature and expertise in aquatic thaumaturgy, proving able to take on the navies even of powerful maritime nations like Tyrre and Thule. When the Thalassic city-states finally banded together into a single state to confront a Tyrran invasion, their shipboard combat specialists were collected into the Thalassic Marine Corps and subjected to increasing levels of military discipline as the war went on. They proved crucial to Thalassia's survival, crippling the fleets of Tyrre and weakening the monarchy to the point of collapse. They were the only unit not to be disbanded after the war, and continue to serve to this day as Thalassia's only standing army.

The Marines' equipment is unexceptional compared to the military elites of other nations around the world. Their primary weapon is an aether carbine, chosen for its rate of fire, compactness, and identical ballistics in air or water. However, it compares well only to the standard amrs of Lemurian or Aztlaner conscripts, and is vastly outclassed by the weapons used by Errynt Rangers, Lemurian myrmidons, or similar elites. They have cutting tools, harpoon guns, and similar equipment useful in boarding enemy ships should it become necessary. Their one unique piece of equipment is the aqua aegis, a water construct tied to its user and designed to sense and block incoming threats.

The real strength of the Marines is in their thaumaturgy. Every single Marine is a Vodnik abhuman, thanks to Thalassia's truly unique demographics. They can breathe underwater, are capable of manipulating unfathomable amounts of water, pushing it around to use as a weapon, shield, or building material. The Marines use their inborn abilities to propel themselves through the water at astonishing speeds that allow them to overtake enemy ships. A favorite tactic of the Marines is to dig a pit in the water in the path of an enemy ship and then release the water, flooding the ship instantly. Their amphibious tactics are similarly devastating against enemies who have arranged themselves along the coast. The most common amphibious assault tactic used by the Marines is to create a tidal wave to wash away defenses, with specialists riding the wave in to clear out whatever remains.

The Thalassic Marines have not been terrible active in wars against nations, but the weak control exerted by Thalassia's central government and the generally belligerent nature of certain segements of their population has ensure that the Marines suffer from no shortage of combat experience fighting rebels and pirates. Under pressure from foreign governments, Thalassia has been making efforts to curtail the pirate fleets that are still based out of their cities, and the Marines have been at the forefront of that conflict, an ironic occurrence given their origin.