Happy Birthday to Me

Bitter words cut through the air,

All I do is gasp and stare,

The beauty of a broken vase,

Pain etched unhidden on my face,

An icy chill runs through my spine,

Freezing this broken heart of mine,

My eyes are watery pools of blue and green,

Searching for hope in this desperate scene,

Relief seems even more far away,

As I beg and plead for him to stay,

The pain in my chest is all too real,

I wonder how I'm going to deal,

Face it or put on a sham,

Cry a river or build a dam,

Bittersweet relief finally comes,

It, like ice, freezes and numbs,

I mumble responses without thinking,

Holding back tears by excessively blinking,

My thoughts are slowed, my sight is blurry,

Happy birthday to me.