Whispering Voices

The silence of the cool midnight air against the flowing crimson veil

Did give homage unto my dark intention

Against the backdrop of the shadow, the diminuendo of the voices

Rippled against the satin interior of the embrace

As the moon hung over the ebony darkness, and such kisses to be exchanged

Destined to be held fastidiously against the bladed energy

Lasted a redden droplet in a kiss

The roses sweetly beguile the traveler upon silky roadway

As I could fasten myself to the mystery and taste upon my tongue

The hot nectar that need no special words to describe

Certain as the candlelit darkness betray the quickening flesh and lustful

Thoughts beyond the veil

Against the dark eve, where it starts in the midnight hour

Came the fast, repetitive drive toward the release

Of the hunger deep within that lasts until the morning sun

Held fast, and given no obeisance to the desiring, quivering urge

The flesh against the flesh, and blood against blood and set upon the stars decreed

Non-descript and paranoid at the nagging darkness, the hours faded into days like the

Minutes would fade into hours and seconds into minutes

Dancing upon the drenched flesh and wild hair,

Against the unrelenting thirst that burns hotter in the veins of The Animal

The perfumed nature of the mystery

Wafted up to the heavens as the Sins of Man become repeated against the annals of time

From the Sins of Onan and Ixion, to the enclosure the flesh

Out of the light, His Marvelous Light and into the Wonderful Darkness

Drowning faster, harder and wildly than ever possible against the need

That ever increasing need of it, for it

That the blade kept itself hidden against the flesh

As the fount pulsed deeply in places where I need to find

And penetrated, the crimson flames and veil lifts

If I was your paramour for the moonlit nights

Not understanding the nature of the flesh, but taking it for my own

If I was your vampireā€¦