Summary: She's lethal. She's dangerous. She can kill. She's the assassin.

Walking through the crowded intersection, not a single soul would ever suspect, in the slightest, how lethal I was. Walking in lithe and graceful steps, no one can see the deception which lies behind every single one of my ballerina-like graces. With a slender build, and possessing undeniably beautiful face and form, I was the perfect assassin.

Mission: Eliminate Ethan Kay.

The son of a wealthy tycoon, and the heir to a multibillionaire empire, Ethan is a likely target for many of his rivals. His arrogant and pompous demeanor had landed him on many blacklists—save for his cleverness, he would've been dead by now.

I received my orders last week. Frankly speaking, I was delighted at such a challenge—the uproar it would cause would be the cherry on top of my perfect career.

It was then that I saw him. His walk was perfect, his build was strong—muscular, but with a slender build. Tall, and undeniably, and irrevocably, the sexiest man alive—Wait…where did that comment come from? I had been trained to distance myself from the world—and my victims.

Even though I was in slight awe of him, I never lose sight of my mission. I trailed him discreetly, keeping an eye on him as well as making sure of the perfect timing and spot to execute my mission.

He walked briskly towards what seems to be nowhere, but I followed him anyways. Keeping a safe distance from him, I saw him stop abruptly in the middle of a deserted street. I wasn't bothered in any way—my experience in the field has exposed me to dealing with all kind of people my victims are.

I stood covertly behind a tall tree on the right side of the street. Obscured by the thick bushes around, I felt safe to take out my handheld device—my only method of communicating with my faceless superior.

I looked around again, but much to my chagrin Ethan had disappeared.

I cursed inwardly for my stupidity and silently berating myself for losing sight of a target for the first time. 'Damn! What happened?!' I thought to myself. 'Might as well go back, and re-plan the whole operation,'

Shoving my handheld device, and tightening the grip of my gun in the holster hidden beneath my shorts, I turned around and gasped.

I was looking into the cold grey eyes of my target.

He smiled seductively, and straightened his arms so that they locked me in position against the tree.

"Ah… the assassin,"