A.N.: No set flow again, It's more of my style.

Loneliness, what a strange and unique feeling,

We are brought here alone as one person,

Taught to be independent and self-reliant,

Yet still we depend on the company of others.

At times, you wish nothing more than solitude,

Time to examine one's innermost thoughts,

Yet your thoughts still turn to others, and before you know it,

You're yearning for the company of another.

Sometimes loneliness can be unbiased,

Other times it can be specific,

You may long for a known friend or family member,

Or be desperate for any decent soul to be your companion.

Loneliness: it can simply be a few minutes away from your love,

Or it can be years alone with no one to turn to,

Either scenario is unbiased and cruel,

And can make a soul ravage against itself.

Sometimes I wonder why we feel this way,

If we are to long for another, why make us single?

But the only thing on my mind right now,

Is I wish I wasn't alone.

A.N: I was inspired to write this after hearing a certain song, which made me feel quite lonely.

UPDATE: I have to thank my incredible girlfriend, who thanks to her, I never have to feel lonely anymore. Thank you so much honey you're incredible.