A.N.: I felt like writing again and began reading my work when I found this poem. So much has changed in the year that I've written it that I felt like I had to write a follow-up to this one. I hope you enjoy.

Loneliness, what a strange and unique feeling,

One I'm all too familiar with,

Felt every moment of every day so long ago,

Until you brightened up my life.

Gracing me with your presence,

Lighting up the darkness,

Pushing aside all the lonely feelings of long ago,

And bringing with you unending happiness.

Never ending these feelings of happiness and joy,

The love that you show and give every day,

Making even the happiest of dreams,

But a mere fraction of the ecstasy you give.

And although at times we have to part,

Saying goodbye momentarily,

I'll know that even though I have to be alone,

It's only for a moment,

And I'll never have to feel alone again.

A.N: I love you babe. Thank you for taking all the loneliness out of my life and making me so incredibly happy every day I'm with you.