A.N.: I don't know how long I've had this written on my desk, it's been a good three months or more. I wrote it at work one day.

The crystal clear blue sky beckons to me,

Sucking me in like a moth to a lamp,

Drawing me away from my duties.

Standing at attention my mind leaves my body,

Soaring through the air and clouds I fly,

Wind cooling me down I take in the scenery,

A completely different picture than yesterday, yet the same,

I wave to the pilots next to me, cheerily waving back.

An angry voice sucks me back into my body,

Just as I start believing the fictional creation I've made,

And I wish, if only for a moment, I was free to fly in the sky.

A.N: It was a beautiful day when I wrote this. I had gone outside for a moment to observe it and started to daze out when I got in trouble. Then I wrote this on my next break.