It's another dark night,

The coldness is creeping up again,

A part of me died,

When I lost my best friend,

It swirls around me now,

Choking sobs rack through my core,

I feel so unwanted,

So unloved once more,

Why did my sister leave me?

Why did my friend turn away?

Am I not good enough to hold onto?

Does anyone want me to stay?

The darkness feels more welcoming,

It seduces me with its promise of relief,

The cold makes me feel numb,

The icy winds help me forget my grief,

The darkness wants me,

More than the hearts of my once-friends,

It seems so much easier,

To not have to tie up loose ends,

The tunnel stretches on forever,

I don't want to walk anymore,

I want to lie down on the icy ground,

And get swallowed up into the floor,

Once I lie down I'll never get up,

The ground is a life-ender,

I contemplate in the dead of night,

A complete surrender,

But far away a sound is heard,

On a night of endless silence,

A faint spark of hope ignites,

Despite the great distance,

I dream of mountains to stand on,

Mountains that won't let me down,

A sky that lets me see light,

So I won't drown,

The darkness is still there,

I will never be free of its confines,

But somewhere in that vast distance,

A single light shines.