She was drowning in tears
Abundant in fears
He asked her to smile
Even if for a while
She shook him away
This wasn't her day

He asked her not to worry
And began to tell a story
She sat and listened
Teary eyes still glistened
He held onto her hand
And spoke of a fairytale land

She said fairytales don't exist
Her hand tightened into a fist
He said he'll make hers come true
With flowery gardens and skies of blue
She wasn't a believer
And called him a deceiver

He reassured her that it was no lie
And will make sure she'll never cry
She listened on, still uncertain
Awaiting the events behind the curtain
He told her she was the princess
Wearing a long dress

She was unimpressed
Still pretty depressed
He said he'd be the prince by her side
As close as shore and tide
She replied with sarcastic laughter
Not a believer of happily-ever-after

He said there was no ending
The rest still pending
She stared in wonder
This made her ponder
He claimed this to be just the start
From now on, they'll never be apart

He told her that he'd make her happy
She insisted that the phrase sounded sappy
He told her he'd cherish her forever
She had one condition however
He asked to hear the condition
She said she wanted permission

He nodded and gave a shrug
She reached out for a nice long hug

Her wound he carefully tended
And her heart was steadily mended
This is just their beginning
Their story has not yet ended