Sleep Tonight

Chapter 1

There once was a little boy named Thomas, but everyone in his family called him TJ. Tj was 5 years old, had blue eyes was slightly chubby and tall for his age. He had two brothers, Kris and Nick, and three sisters, Heather, Amber and Carrie. Nick was the baby, only three. Nick was not afraid of anything, and once upon a time neither was TJ. However, that was before TJ turned four and his mom and dad gave him his own room.

For as long as TJ could remember, either he was in the same room with his mom and dad, or he shared a room with first Kris, then Nick. Now all that had changed. His mom and dad had made there small house bigger, and now he had his own room. Mom thought he would be very happy. Now he did not have to help the baby pick up his toys. He did not have to share his and moms special story time with the baby interrupting at all the best places in the story. And to tell the truth it was nice, but he also didn't have anyone to talk to when the lights went out, and that most definitely was not okay.

On the very first night in his new room it took hours to go to sleep, and by the time he did finally drift off it was almost time to get up for kindergarten with Mrs. R. On the second night, TJ tried very hard to fall asleep right after mom left and turned out the lights, but again it seemed to take hours before he finally fell asleep. On the third night he had a plan, he was already so tired he nearly fell asleep during dinner, and it was his favorite, spaghetti. So after taking a warm bath and slipping into his favorite pajamas, (they had clouds and smiling stars on them), he brushed his teeth and went to find mom for his story.

When TJ's mom came into the room, she tucked him into bed kissed him on the forehead and asked what story he would like to hear. TJ told her he wanted to hear a story he had never asked for before. It was a very long story about a prince and a princess. There were wolves and dragons, witches and fairies, good and evil queens and kings, but mostly TJ smiles to himself as his mom went to get the book from the bookcase, the story was very, very long. Surely he would fall asleep before his mom finished reading and tonight he would not be afraid.