I am the voice of experience.
The lesson to be learned.
The example not to be followed.

I was Evan.
Simply Evan
Just a boy.

But that was then, and there's absolutely nothing simple about now. Now is the only guarantee I possess. Because if there's anything this past year has taught me, it's that there are few, if any, certainties in life.

The name Evan Brown has many different meanings to suit that many different people life has gifted me.

Evan was a good boy.
Evan was a manipulative wretch.
Mister Brown was a poor Mathematics student.
Brown, highly gifted. Such a waste…
Patient 2282 refuses to eat salted carrots.
Our son Evan was… disappointing? Surprising?
Evan was debauched.

But the thing is, I'm not a bad person. Not an incorrigible one at the very least. I admit that I'm not a saint, but I can swear that all I have done is the result of a simple conviction. That conviction being to do what is right, or necessary. Isn't that all anyone, anywhere can hope for?