It was a bright and early Saturday morning. Not everyone was in a very good mood though, Mother Flea was giving birthday to yet another Baby Flea. Mother Flea pushed and pushed and after 5 hard minutes of pushing, out popped Baby Flea. Mother Flea sighed with relief and soon after Father Flea handed Mother Flea the newest addition to the family. About an hour later Mother Flea was teaching Baby Flea how to suck blood and jump really high. Baby Flea caught on very quickly and was soon ready to leave the house. Baby Flea gave Mother and Father Flea a final hug and was on his way. He sucked blood all day until he couldn't hold anymore and he fell asleep.
He awoke around 12 pm Sunday morning and went off again. Soon he found a nice hairy cat, so he latched on and began sucking. He was only there for a little while when other fleas started ganging up on him, and since he was only a Baby Flea he unlatched from the cat and went on his way. A second later he found some nice human skin, with some weird white cloth stuff on it so he latched on. He was only there for a second when two monstrous pinkish things surrounded him and started to squish his body. He was suffocating but not for long when the squishing let up and he was thrown into some tunnel. He tried to eat his way out but soon found that whatever it was made of tasted very nasty. He could hear talking outside this tunnel and tried to understand what the being was saying.
Then the tunnel was flipped and he went slamming onto a big clear thing. He was in there for hours slowly suffocating. It smelt nasty. He had tried to suck on the particles inside the tunnel but they were to yucky and he couldn't stand eating them. He knew that he wasn't going to last much longer. 20 minutes later he had suffocated to death. The tunnel was flipped and the person was frantically looking for the flea, when she opened up the can she saw to her horror that the flea was lying on it's side, dead.
Onion The Flea 2/10/01 - 2/11/01
May He Rest In Peace