Falling into the Sky

I'm falling, falling

Past the trees

Falling beside mountains

Now just far away memories

I'm falling into the sky

And through it's great abyss

Now trapped in what seems like

An everlasting black

With only the stars as my company

I'm falling, falling

Beside strangely shaped birds

And see the ground level of a planet

Yet to be known

I was falling, falling

But now I'm ground born here

With my celestial family

Who sent me away

To a land of future conquests

And called me back for company

I learn that truly I was not falling

But flying to come be where my brethren are

And to be flying, flying


Its different and honestly i don't know how i came up with it.

i just thought the idea of falling into the sky and landing somewhere else would be diiferent

if you like this poem check out some of my others, my fav. of mine is i forgot how to swing

but i want to know outside opinions

please don't hesitate to comment, they are wanted badly