Wishful thinking (21. September 2008)

So God is wishful thinking
A ghost we talk to when we're worried
A fantasy to sweeten the thought of death
A nothing to make the nothingness seem lighter
A simple explanation for a complicated world
A lie to keep the poor silent and the people dumb.

Think again.

What if it's you doing the wishful thinking
So you don't have to give up your riches
So you won't meet judgement after death
So you can silence your conscience, pretend there is no sin
So you can live for yourself without guilt
So you can beat down the poor, no obligation to help.

You say faith is evil
While you stuff your face with food
Live a life of plenty
On the toiling backs of the starving.
While you do wrong without caring
Since no one hears their suffering
And no one's there to punish.
While you war and battle and worship money
Since, without God, that's what makes the world go round.

Go ahead.
Do as you like
Throw morals to the wind
Say good and evil don't exist
In the end, I wonder
Who is believing in a lie
Or you?