Scientist's Wife (21. September 2008)

I say it's beautiful
You say it's a bunch of atoms
I say it's a miracle
You say miracles don't exist.

When the wind blows
You stay indoors
While I open the windows
To feel the breeze in my hair.

You don't feel anything, do you
When you hear the piercing cry
Of an eagle high above
Or see the stars.

They're just atoms and gas
That's all they are to you
All wonder gone and swallowed
All only reason and fact.

Your mind has become my prison
I say a word, you contradict
You don't feel the glory of the rain
Or the heaven of a sunrise.

What is a love without wonders
Where nature is mechanical
And nothing has a purpose
And true love is just illusion?

I can't live with you
With your hard metal mind
I want love, not reason
I want miracle, not fact.