Saint (21. September 2008)

How good and holy you are
(What a saint!)
Donating to charity
Saving the world.
How much was it,
a hundred or so,
You gave just recently
For an excellent cause.

Of course, I understand
You need all those shoes
For work
(Dear soul)
And can't sleep
Without the aircon.
And the water needs to run
Till it's hot.
Don't want you catching cold!

The house, we-ell…
Isn't it grand?
But I must say
A saint
Deserves spoiling.
And – goodness,
Is that an original?
You certainly have
A place to lay your head.

And naturally,
You can't say no
To a car
Or two.
And Starbucks
Can't really be
Trouble in Africa.
No matter,
Long as it's renewable.

And why ever should you
Give up any rights
Live any poorer
Have a lower salary
Or higher taxes?
A saint like you
Deserves easy living
No extra trouble
You do enough already!

My what a saint
How I admire
Your lies
Your false halo.
Money speaks
Louder than actions
But what's a hundred for charity
When there's a million in your pocket?