This story is based off the Japanese movie, Suicide Club.

In the beginning, 54 schoolgirls hold hands and jump off the platform into the way of a train.

Later on in the movie, 100+ students jump off the school roof together.

(The 6th floor thing's like, nothing. Just that the highest floor in my school is the 6th floor.)

One Final Jump

What do you think it's like?

To spread your arms and jump.

Your life flashing black and white before your eyes.

An adrenaline rush.

What pushed you to do it?

(Life sucks; I know that better than anyone.)

It sounds interesting- shall we try?

(54 down. It's an interesting way to end, anyway.)

Floating down to the ground- but actually, you're falling.

Falling to let earth welcome you.

To let her hug you with her cold, hard, thorny arms.

Who told you to do it?

(I've been wondering about this for a while. I'd like to try, one day.)

It's been a cruel day, hasn't it?

When wherever you turn, you're faced with suffering.

And broken roads.

(Another 100 something gone. I have to!)

It's fast, isn't it?

Seconds pass. Minutes pass. Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years?

(I can't wait for the day. I feel like every second lasts a century.)

And then you jump.

Soaring, arms stretched out.

It's so fast; the world must be a blur for you.

(From the 6th floor?)

Then you see the blackness and the light.

It's all over now, isn't it?

(My turn's over now. Would you like to join me?)

I might submit this to my school's literary magazine- Voice.

Reviews are dearly loved(: