Summary: Catalina's life was never easy—following the death of her first husband, she endured seven years in waiting to be Queen of England. Life is not always fair, regardless who your parents were or how devout you are. A story about Katharine of Aragon (Otherwise known as Infanta Catalina of Spain)

Disclaimer: I've done my research on the mentioned historical figure, and all aforementioned historical facts are accurate.

Kimbolton Castle

January 7, 1536

Death is coming for me. My labored breathing are coming out in short gasps—each more painful than the last one. My dear friend, Lady Willoughby is my only companion as I prepare to depart this world.

In the past three months as my husband, the King, had abandoned my daughter and myself in his pursuit of the Great Whore. She had borne him a daughter, and I can imagine his disappointment and her pleas. He has ordered my removal from various castle and manors, each worse than the previous.

I shall die tonight, that I am sure of. Henry had been right in sending me here as the dampness and decays of the castle, and the cracks on the walls helped deteriorate my health faster than if I were living in the luxury of Hampton Castle.

They had taken my servants, my furniture, and anything of value. But I will never forgive them for they had mercilessly taken my only daughter away from me.

My sweet precious Mary. My jewel. My only love. How cruelly they had destroyed us both—taking away the only thing precious to a mother and to a daughter. How they have humbled you to a lowly post of servant to your half-sister, how they have made you suffer.

This will be the ending to the youngest daughter of the great Kings of Spain—Ferdinand and Isabella. I, who lived through seven years of humiliation after the death of my first husband (God rest his soul), and endured twenty-four years of marriage, only to be left alone and abandoned.

"My lady," Lady Willoughby said softly.

"Maria. You should go to sleep,"

"Never," she said fiercely.

I smiled softly. Maria de Salinas, my only true friend in his foreign land.

I closed my eyes. Death is coming closer and closer. I saw my mother's face.


"Come Catalina. It's time to go,"

"Yes mother, yes I will join you."

"You've been a brave girl,"

"Wait for me mother,"

"Let's go now Catalina. We shouldn't keep our family waiting,"

"Yes mother, let's go,"

With that I breathed my last.

- The End -

A/N: This story is part of the Tudor story collection that I'm hoping to write. Katharine was the first wife of Henry VIII, but was divorced in order for him to marry Anne Boleyn (See May 19th-The Diary of Anne Boleyn)