Have you ever been to a cemetery, and heard a faint crying, or rustling

Have you ever been to a cemetery, and heard a faint crying, or rustling? It wasn't your imagination or paranoia. The rotting skeletons are restless in their graves, tossing and turning, crying for what they once had. Left behind and forgotten, they rise, protected under the cover of darkness, to obtain their final revenge. They finally have the chance to become what they never could in life: powerful. It's a frightful sight, the skeletons that once breathed, rising together to form an army of death. They are haunted and enlightened by the truth; faced with the prospect of eternal evanescence they cannot turn down the chance to hurt those who led to their demise, to show those who abandoned and forgot them the error of their ways.

There is one who chooses to be different. Nameless and empty he can only see the opportunity to right the wrongs of the world. Maybe in life he was a doctor, or some other noble task. Maybe he dedicated his life to saving and fixing the lives of others. But in any case, in death, he chooses to do the same. He has a power, as do all those among the ranks of the dead. His power is to enter the minds of others, though only those who are open to change, and show them the strength that is within themselves. He sleeps during the day, and at night he changes the world, one drug addict, alcoholic, or criminal at a time. He shows the lost souls their way. He helps those who are willing, to find the hope that they lost long ago. The heart that no longer beats in his body, still beats in his soul, persuading him to help rather than harm.

Though he has lost sight of what he once was in life, he feels a connection to one girl, a thirteen year old. Her name is Ashley, and she cries at night, mourning the death of her father, who died almost a year before these events took place. He can feel her pain, her longing, and the memories that flood her mind until she is screaming inside. It's time for her to move on, but she doesn't know how. After a year of mourning, she has completely separated herself from real life and though she still lives, inside she is cold and dead. He wants, with all his heart, to help her put her life back together, but there's something preventing him from getting into her troubled mind. Though he feels a connection that binds him to her, the very same connection blocks him from helping her, but he himself cannot move on until this girl does.

As the time goes by, he nearly stops trying, but he can't give up hope for the child, and for himself. His hope fades, but it still flickers and the flame doesn't go out.