They say that as she fell into the nix's arms, her blood stained the water lilies around her. They soaked in her blood, and grew red from it, mourning the loss of such an innocent life.

To this day, one might go to the great silver lake, and see the red lilies where a girl gave her life for her freedom.

Thank you everyone who has ever reviewed for this story. And fear not if you are bawling your eyes out - I do plan to make a sequel to The Naken sometime in the future. Right now, I'm trying to finish up both Dragon Kisses and The Stepway first, and I have another less serious story coming after that. But just keep an eye out for it. And thank you for reading until the very end of my first retelling (yes, there is a real lake - the Fagertärn - that has the only red water lilies in Sweden where the story originated), and I hope I continue to do such good work. So, keep your eyes out for that new chapter (?), for you will know what it is for. Oh, and if you are not bawling you eyes out because you have either read the story before or have no heart (just kidding), then feel free to go back to your regular daily life. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, move along…