Author's note: I'm trying to make it as if two people are chatting online. So the grammer and short forms are on purpose. I'm writing the story as it forms in my head so it might not be as fluent as I hope it could be. Enjoy. Oh ya. Jess's chat is like this. Seul's chat is like this. And the story is like this. I know its confusing.

Chapter one.

Seul: Hello. How was ur day?

Jess314: Hey! Quite ok I guess. Urs?

Seul: boring as usual. I need a hobby or smth.

Jess314: hahas. :)

Seul: so wad you doing now?

Jess314: nth much. looking at some blogs.

Jess314: super bored right now.

Jess314: u?

Seul: i'm chatting to you and

Seul: nth else.

Seul: hey wan to hear a story?

Jess314: a story? why so random?

Seul: aw come on. i wrote it.

Jess314: alright den. It better be good.

Seul: It is. trust me.

Seul: it goes.

Seul: Once there was a girl named Stacy. She was a freshman at Westfield College. Stacy was a somewhat average looking girl. Not too pretty but not hideous also. She was like the typical girl next door. Stacy was easy to get along with, no doubt to her cheerful and caring character. Everyone liked Stacy and she had no enemies.

The only flaw with Stacy is, she can be too trusting at times. She has a penchant for visiting online chat rooms. No amount of persuading from her friends can stop her. It was her hobby.

Jess314: Hey! aren't we in one of this online chat rooms now?

Seul: Shh. dun interrupt the story.

Jess314: sry..

Seul: Alright. back to the story.