Finally there was silence. I can't tell you how much I had waited for this moment. This moment where I can hear nothing except for my rapid heartbeats. But why is my heart beating so rapidly? Maybe it has to do with the dead bodies lying around me. I can recognize their faces. My brother, my father and my mother are all around me. Even my dog is lying still a few feet away. Are they dead? The amount of blood on the carpet indicates that they are. Were they murdered? If so, how is it that I'm still able to stand here? Maybe I fought off the attacker. Maybe I killed him before he could kill me. I scanned the area. Nope. No unfamiliar face. Mom and Dad always told me what to do if there were an intruder in the house. 'Dial 911 and hide under your bed' they always say. They didn't say anything about the situation I'm in right now. Am I suppose to call the police? I guess that's the grown up thing to do. Ok. I'm going to call the police. So I dropped the knife I'm holding. Then I remembered. They were being noisy.

'WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN" Pa just walked into the house reeking of alcohol. 'HAVE YOU BEEN OUT DRINKING AGAIN?' I never understood the reason why ma couldn't just talk like a normal person. She shouts all the time.

'Jesus woman. You will scare the kids. Relax'


Pa and Ma were always fighting. Every single night the same scene would replay itself. I was sick of it. So very sick of it. Oh great, they woke the baby.

As Pa reach out to coax the baby back to sleep, Mom was going through his briefcase. Looks like she found a note and was preparing to shout again. Better cover my ears.


'It's nothing. Don't worry so fucking much k?'

The next thing I heard was a smack. I didn't see what happened as I was sitting in my corner. I think Ma just slapped Pa. I turned around. I can see Pa was getting angry as his face was turning as red as those pills I'm taking. This will be loud.

'WHAT THE FUCK!' With that Pa grabbed Ma and slammed her into a wall. They started fighting, oblivious to the wailing baby. I was getting a headache from all this noise.

I look up and saw a knife. I saw a way to end all this noise.