Invest in tomorrow:

To someone looking down,

Smile and say hi –

Wipe away their frown.

Dry away

Their rainy day –

You'll have a friend


Invest in tomorrow:

Make someone's work lighter,

Reach out a hand so

Their eyes will be brighter.

Your giving hands

Help someone stand

A little taller –

You'll have a friend


Invest in tomorrow:

Someone's falsely accused

Of horrible crimes –

Then you step in their shoes.

And as you defend them,

You'll surely befriend them –

You'll have a friend


When it becomes your rainy day,

When things are looking bad,

You'll have a friend to carry you,

To stop you feeling sad.

You'll find that someone's willing

To give when you're in need,

To wipe away your hurt and tears

With Band-Aids when you bleed.

Because you gave a smile,

A hand, or a defense,

They'll shower favors on your head,

Their gratitude immense.

There always will be someone there

To thank you for showing that you care –

So invest in a friend

For tomorrow.

In Memory of Rachel Joy Scott