Author's Note: This story was written as a response to Freak-of-Spade's September Challenge. This is a one-shot.

The rules:
Theme- Rebound
Must Haves: The words smoke, reverie, ocean, nowhere, absurdity, sulky, and frost. Must take place in September and involve slash. One character must say "The thing about Georgette is that she's... a widespread kind of woman, you know?" A kiss that makes the reader go "WTF?"
Have Nots: No excessive mentions of angst and no obvious mentions of love.

I completely forgot about the mentions of love, so let's see if my story still qualifies.

WARNING: Contains SLASH, yaoi, boy love, Male x Male... whatever you want to call it.
RATING: Er... T for teen! Though there isn't anything really bad about it besides a little language.
SUMMARY: After a mute gets dumped by his girlfriend, his friend wants to be the one to pick up the pieces.

Reviews/Constructive Criticism would be lovely.

Marie's a fat bitch.

Seriously, who breaks up with someone three days before their one-year anniversary? Ian had spent the entire day searching for the perfect gift to buy her. Different types of jewelry, different types of flowers, different types of chocolate, and random miscellaneous things he thought she would like were all looked at in indecision. He got soaked coming out of the last store when it began to rain. He stepped in gum. A little kid pushed him down on the sidewalk. (Which is not very funny, because when you're mute, you can't yell at him.) Ian was exhausted and pissed.

It's lucky he didn't decide on much. He planned on going back for most of them when the big day got a little closer, because he didn't want Marie to find them and ruin it. He had bought her one present- a beautiful necklace with a sapphire gem that reminded him of the ocean. It's almost a shame she'll never get to see it, but then Ian remembers that she broke up with him, and therefore, Marie can do back flips up her ass for all he cares.

Ian's going to get laid.

No he isn't. God, he's too depressed. Now he is just slumped in a chair in his kitchen, blankly staring at a photograph he held in his hands. It was of him and Marie on their trip up north last February. It was in a cozy little café, where Ian had bought some hot chocolate to warm them up a little. You could see that it was snowing through the frosty window that was behind them, and they were both grinning from the excitement of it all.

That vacation was when he realized that their relationship had the potential to turn into something really special.

Not wanting to look at the picture anymore, he picks up a marker from the table and presses down on Marie's face. After a few seconds of holding it there, he slowly begins to draw a circle that grows bigger and bigger until it covers her head, and then he begins to color out the whole picture. After the picture is finished, he lets the marker roll off the table and folds the picture in half, only slightly satisfied.

The door bangs a couple times, snapping him out of a reverie, and Ian opens it to discover his friend Josh standing there grinning stupidly.

Ian had been friends with Josh since last year when their mutual friend Sarah introduced them at a birthday party. Josh had thought that Ian was suffering from laryngitis, and went on a ten minute story about the time he had it his first few weeks of freshmen year at college. It was quite embarrassing for all of them when Sarah told Josh that Ian did not suffer from laryngitis. Despite that first meeting, Josh and Ian quickly became close friends and almost became roommates until Marie decided that she didn't like the idea.

"Hey you," Josh says as he moves past Ian into the apartment. "Why so sulky?"

Ian stalks over to the marker on the floor and flips open the notebook he used when talking to someone who couldn't sign. He scribbles Marie dumped me and flashes it to Josh. Ian feels a small satisfaction to see shock on Josh's face.

"Dude that sucks I'm sorry," Josh spits out. He opens his mouth to say something else, but thinks better of it. After a second he changes his mind again and asks, "Do you want to go out and get you laid?"

No. Ian's sure the reason Marie broke up with him was because of his inability to talk. Right now he's too low to put himself out there and watch people's reactions of the poor guy that couldn't even speak. It's not like he can't make noise, he could laugh, moan, whimper, and groan, but he doesn't want the pity of strangers today. He already feels like crap. And Ian wouldn't be able to stand the rejection. Who would want to sleep with him anyways? He's probably not even that attractive.

He lets out a sigh and quickly begins to scribble: Would you fuck me?

Josh's mouth falls open and stares at Ian. He snaps it shut quickly and it falls open again, as if his jaw was unhinged. He lets out a hesitant grin before he says, "Of course baby. It's only you, you know that."

Marie was always convinced Josh had a major crush on Ian, and whenever he stopped by she would be on guard, eager to point out all the reasons why she was right once he left. Did you see the way he looked at you? He was flirting with you like crazy at the movies! And did you hear what he said about that lady's dress? He's GAY Ian! Ian always thought the idea was ridiculous, but that didn't stop it from haunting the back of his mind when he saw him.

Ian lets the notebook close softly. Perhaps Marie wasn't so far off after all. Then again, it was an awkward question, so maybe she was. Josh deserves the benefit of the doubt.


Ian's brought out of his thought process by Josh who's now standing in front of him looking slightly awkward.

"Don't let Marie get you down ok? You deserve better than her. She doesn't deserve you! So... stop thinking like that. Any person would be lucky to have you."

Ian just rolls his eyes and walks away. He's thankful Josh is trying but it's not like he can be cheered up the same day they broke up.

Ian walks back to the notepad. Look, you might as well just go. I think I'm going to mope around or sleep or something. You don't need to be here.

"But I want to be here. I mean, that's what friends do right? Cheer each other up?"

Look, I appreciate what you're doing, but you may as well just leave, it's not going to make a difference today anyways.

Josh sighs and stalls around the kitchen, a little unsure of what to do.

"Are you hungry? Do you want to go out to get some Chinese with me? You don't have to get anything but it's my treat if you do." Josh feels like it's the least he can do for dragging Ian out when he knows he doesn't want to be there with him. Would Ian even be hungry? Josh uncertainly continues on, "You know... it might keep your mind off things."

I really don't want to go anywhere. Sorry man.

Josh meanders towards the door and mutters that it's alright. The door shuts with a click and silence hangs heavy in the apartment. Ian hugs himself, suddenly lonely and guilty about Josh for some reason. On a sudden impulse, he grabs his keys and jacket and scoops up his pad and pen and rushes out of the apartment.

Josh is not in the hallway and so Ian runs to try to catch up with him. Josh can hear the thumping in the hallway and is surprised to see Ian almost running into the wall when he turns the corner.

"Are you coming?" he asks hopefully.

Ian just nods along, not bothering with the pad. Josh immediately breaks out into a grin.


Ian just smiles.

It's mostly silent as they walk towards the restaurant, except the occasional comment from Josh and the hum of response from Ian. A lady walking by blows cigarette smoke into Ian's face by accident and half-heartily apologizes, which of course Ian says nothing to. He always feels a little bad, but he can't just run up to her and shove a notebook saying "It's okay!" into her face. It's stuff like this that makes him more comfortable at home than out and about.

Ian eats at the Chinese restaurant all the time but somehow still doesn't know its name. The place is right across the street from a giant park, which is surrounded by cute little shops and restaurants on all four sides. The park is nice, with paths flowing every which way, littered with lampposts and benches. Ian's seen some shitty parks, and this is not one of them. This one actually seems like someone paid attention to it, instead of the usual plots of grass that most of the other "parks" in the area are.

Despite the sporadic drizzle of rain, the park is filled with all sorts of people, from little kids to college students to the elderly. Every so often, random festivals are thrown as a fundraiser for the public to enjoy. Ian usually misses them because he doesn't read any of the local papers, but when he does go it turns out to be pretty fun. The only downside is that the surrounding shops also become swamped, like the Chinese place they are currently heading to.


People are lined up out the door. It could take quite a while, and the inside is very small so there is almost no hope in getting a seat inside.

Josh sees Ian staring into the crowds in the park, looking curious as to what's the festival is for. This particular festival has different colored Chinese lanterns hanging between the lamp posts, lighting the entire park.

Josh barely misses running to a street vendor while he's staring, and realizes the man is selling sodas and beers. Josh picks up a couple of beers and they continue to weave on through the crowds to the Chinese place. A little girl runs in front of them and almost trips before running off again. A young couple walks past and the thought of Marie is instantly brought back to Ian's mind. Marie had brought him here for the August festival just last month.

Josh stops Ian and points to an empty park bench.

"The Chinese place looks pretty crowded. Why don't you just sit here and wait for me to come back with our food? I don't know if we would both be able to fit inside anyways."

Ian shrugs and moves to sit on the bench. After Josh gets his order, Josh plunges himself in the crowds and Ian quickly loses sight of him.

A woman runs up frantically calling for a Ralph. A man holding a dog appears and the woman gasps in delight. She picks up the dog, and ignoring the man, shoves the dog up to her face so the dog can begin to kiss her mouth. Ian doesn't understand dog people. Dogs are just dirty and obnoxious. They always seem to hate him, probably because he hates them first. He'd bet that lady is getting licked by a tongue that had just licked the dog's crotch. Just when he was disturbed enough, he saw the woman stick out her tongue for the dog to lick. He groans in disgust and turns away from the make-out session. Instead he tries to listen to random snippets of conversation floating by:

"The thing about Georgette is that she's…she's a widespread kind of woman, you know?"

"What the hell is an inflatable husband anyways?!"

"Naw man she was so tight!"

Ian's slightly pissed. He left his apartment for this? He thought at least Josh would be with him. He's finished with his beer by the time Josh comes back with the food.

"Sorry man- long wait."

Ian shrugs. They dig into their food and Ian's mind begins to wander back to Marie. How long had she felt that way anyways? Was she lying to him the entire time? It's such an embarrassment…

Josh clears his throat and slightly stutters, "So… see anything interesting?"

A brightly clothed clown walks by followed by a trail of children. He stops near the bench and makes a balloon for one of the little kids, and then stalks off again. Ian points his thumb in their direction.

Josh chuckles, "Clowns freak me out."

Both turn silent again, and Ian can feel Josh watching him at times, probably wondering how he was doing but not brave enough to ask.

"You know… I've been thinking about taking signing lessons."

Ian's sure he didn't hear that right. Did he just say he was thinking of taking sign language classes? It's not often people take signing lessons for Ian, most people just avoided becoming friends with him in the first place so they wouldn't have to.

Ian's stare makes Josh begin to think that he's said the wrong thing. He knew that it was probably a little uncommon, but he felt like he's waited long enough. They've been friends for almost a year and he always felt awkward making Ian write everything. Josh stares back a little nervous until Ian smiles, when Josh suddenly finds the need to break eye contact. The floor's a little interesting. He can hear shuffling and then a notebook drifts into his view.


"Well… yeah. I feel bad about making you write everything."

You know that means we won't hardly be getting into any more drawing contests right?

Almost every time Josh would hang out with Ian, Ian would idly draw a little picture on his pad which Josh would scoff at, and they would then proceed to try to outdo each other's drawings. Since it was usually just the two of them, no one ever really won, but they'd have a blast anyways and sometimes play for hours.

"I know, but I think it would be worth it."

Josh looks up to see Ian in a bright grin, and is instantly relieved.

They sit there for a while still, people watching and enjoying each other's company. After some time, they both get up and Josh offers to walk him back to his place. About two blocks away from the festival, they come across a bar that Josh has never seen before. It takes Josh a few seconds to realize that he's stopped in front of it and that Ian is looking at him in curiosity.

"You want some more beer?

Ian doesn't want to get drunk tonight. He hates getting drunk; he always ends up doing something completely stupid and embarrassing. Like last time… he feels so bad for that palm reader. Ian's not allowed to go back there anymore. Tonight he'd have to be especially careful drinking. He's about to decline the offer when he sees Josh smile, looking hopeful. He sighs and smiles back at him. He can trust Josh not to let him do something stupid.

Marie is mindlessly staring at the television, watching someone dull drone on about the economy. She sighs and turns it off. Maybe she could go out somewhere. There's a festival going on somewhere nearby. Before she can make up her mind the telephone rings.




"It's Alicia!"

"Oh hi!" Alicia only ever called Marie to let her know of some absurdity she heard about and needed to pass on like a good little gossip girl.

"Hi. Um, God I hate to tell you this…" No, Marie was pretty sure Alicia loved telling her this, but she let her go on. "You know your boyfriend? Aiden?"

"Ian? We broke up. Why?"

Marie can hear Alicia sigh in relief, or at least pretend to. "Oh thank god. Well in that case, guess who is making out with another guy hardcore right now!"

Josh is frozen at the entrance watching Ian make out furiously with a man at the bar and it feels like his heart has stopped and melted down to the bottom of his feet. He knew Ian was unstable and had a high possibility of becoming completely wasted, but Ian wasn't even close to being that drunk when he left. He cursed himself for leaving him there when Sarah called. She could've gotten her purse from his apartment another time. Why didn't he just bring Ian? It was just a few minutes away…. He had expected that Ian would be moping by himself, or that he'd have gone home, but he did not expect to see him making out with some guy. It didn't help that Sarah's purse was nowhere to be found, and that she didn't accidentally leave it his apartment after all. And he thought he would make it back before something bad happened…

After what seems like forever, Josh stalks out of the bar and slowly begins his walk home. He trudges past the festival, which still going strong. It feels strange that it should be when he feels so shattered.

Ian was gay? All this time and Ian was gay? Josh actually had a chance and he missed it…. Although how could he have known? He had been dating Marie and seemed perfectly happy. This was too unfair.

Josh sits down at a bench and his dulled mind begins to speed up. Ian was gay. And single. Sure, he had been making out with some guy, but that doesn't mean anything. Hell, if he hadn't left, there would be a great possibility that would be him making out with Ian right now. Ian was gay… and single. Josh actually has a chance. The rain begins to pour, but a smile slowly rises on his face.

Josh wouldn't be the rebound. Josh could be something more. He'd have to wait a while for Ian to get over Marie, but when it comes to Ian, he has all the time in the world.

A/N: I don't like the ending, but I was rushed to finish this by the deadline. Hope you liked it. Sorry for grammar mistakes, again I was a little rushed. Same story for the title. Bwaha. Procrastination for the win.