The way my mind trips, you'd be thinking I had some sort of disease
but all I really need is a release, a way to ease away this condensation
this cloud of commiseration hanging heavy, but there's not enough sunshine in my smile
to instigate evaporation, blow away this sheet thrown over my head
while I sit in my bed thinking, thinking of how I can stop thinking or
get my mind to actually think, wrap it around this unsolvable equation
1, 2, 3, and it's misery again because the fine line between what's your thoughts
and what's mine has disappeared again. Wake up dreaming, fantasies beaming
unthinkable things into my mind again. Try sleeping because
sleep's what works for most things, but not this time, my dreams remain
lucid, walk around in a daze like most days in real time, but this time
it's all wrong. Flap my wings but can't fly, no alibis can cover
the tracks of my thoughts spinning, spinning, twisting me all up inside
and dropping me into a reality I can't comprehend.

The way my mind trips, you'd be thinking I had some sort of disease
but all I really need is release, a way to fortify my life against the lies
I live so I continue to believe I'm living in a reality that's not too scary
but in actuality, I can never be me, never be this person I'm supposed to be
because I'm just dreaming, spinning, a web tight enough to hold me blind me
can't see a way out but I've made it that way, bound up my eccentricities
and labeled them "unique." Words too long for normal comprehension
always seem to rouse attention in conversations I'm long bored of, done trying
to figure a way out of this mess of lazy communications and midnight fantasies,
lost in fake realities because none of us have got our priorities


A/N: This is one of my first attempts at spoken word style poetry. I've written a lot of freeverse, but spoken word style poems require a different style candence than most. So this is one of my experimentations at trying to find my voice. I borrowed a lot of rhythm from my classmate, Saskia, and I must say her splendid SW orations definitely inspired me to write this, so cudos to her. :D