Finding Love

All alone in space and time

Living with only a nickel and dime

Cast away from everyone I knew

The more and more depressed I grew.

Wishing for somewhere else to go

Where I can find a place of my own

To feel as if I was cared for and needed

Were people really weren't so conceited.

I wish every passing day and night

For a place that was for me just right

And that I was held really tight

By someone not looking for a fight.

I just want to be cared for and loved

Somewhere I'm not being shoved

For someone to see me for me

And for someone that will finally see.

I'm a girl of just seventeen

Wanting to be for once heard and seen.

But here I am, a lonely girl

With soft swirls of thick black curls

With eyes of vivid silvery-blue

I always prefer that of what's true.

So here I am, starting anew

To another school, I was threw.

And yet, what I hadn't known

Was that at this new school that I was thrown

I would find that I've searched for high and low

That would help me heal and even grow.