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Darkness and death

All's put to rest

Night has come

And the rest is done

Waiting for darkness

The deed heartless

Dark with death

Already done the rest

Waiting for my kin

To come and clear my sin

My last dying thoughts

My life I've always fought

Simple to the wrist

My name added to the list

Blood on the floor

Razor by my door.

And yet, what is that?

That slow and uneven pat

In the side of my throat

My mind already starting to float

But I hear it

It just won't quit

The blood in my veins

The heart beat still remains


Splat splat splat

It still goes on

Even after down

Why? Why won't it end?

My heart won't ever mend

My soul is broken

My thoughts unspoken

Out in the hall, there comes a noise

Great, here comes the boys

They walk through the door

The creaking of the floor

They freeze in their place

Looking at the space

That I lay still

With my blood spilled…