I can't say I was minding my own business, because I wasn't… strictly speaking. I was reading the headlines on the tabloids and shooting quick glances at every person around me. There was a picture of a brown-haired Brittney Spears on the cover of People magazine, although I didn't read any further than 'Brittney…' into the headline. What a waste. There were neat stacks of crossword books and how-to-care-for-your-pet guides near the tabloids. Now that was less of a waste of money. Sudoku, on the other hand…

The people were all different, interesting in their own way. For instance, there was the lady at the register working as cashier. I'd been helped by her before. She had obviously-dyed (because it was far too bright to be natural) red hair, with almost a purple tint to it. She wore it curled out right above her ears and she was balding on the top of her head, much like a man in his mid-to-upper 40's might begin to do.

Behind me was a young couple, probably both of whom attended the local college. He looked like a geek, his old-school glasses making him look like a blast from the past. His white t-shirt made him appear very un-fashion-conscious, and he had a very boring and dull look to him. The girl who stood closely in front of him looked slightly better in her black spaghetti straps and baggy jeans. Her hair was combed, whereas his did not appear to be, and she seemed well-groomed. She was leaned back into her loved one's arms in an annoyingly public display of affection. I turned up my lip slightly as they kissed. Get a room, people!

The next man stood in front of me, directly. He, too, wore a plain white t-shirt, but unlike lover boy he appeared to be in his 40's. He made me think of the type of man who would be working construction. The sleeves were cut off of his shirt and he was entirely bald. Through the gaping holes where his shirt sleeves should have been you could see the hair on his back and shoulders. It was slightly repulsive to think about. He wore denim cut-offs that were slightly frayed around the bottom; looked like he needed new ones.

This last man turned to me while I watched him out of the corner of my eye. His eyes moved slowly from my face down my body, over my full breasts and down my stomach and legs, then slowly back again. I felt horribly like I was being probed. His hungry eyes raked up and down once more, indecently - and entirely indiscreetly - slow. I turned my head straight to him, losing my careful discreetness as well.

Finally his gaze rested, piercing, on my breasts. I could almost feel two holes being burned into my shirt with his eyes. I wished more than anything that I was wearing another layer of clothing, because I was cold and my nipples came to points that could be seen clearly and with ease through my shirt. I knew it so well. I wanted to scream at him to stop staring, but he didn't stop.

A couple seconds passed, (was it only a couple seconds? or was it even that long?) but he continued to admire my body… or, at least… the same one area of my body. I felt vaguely uncomfortable and squirmed slightly, but didn't tear my gaze from his face. His tongue ran across his bottom lip in a very sensuous way. I tore my eyes away from him just as the cashier announced his total. He sneered at me and turn to look her in the face.

Author's Concluding Note: This is just a drabble, oneshot, whatever. Pretty much my own experience on the night of September 26, 08 in Wal-Mart.