Quiet Ground

A bond so close, that's what we thought.
Two minutes in distance, but never seeing faces.
Today you traveled miles to your past, the place you find your pain.
You told the world, but left me behind.
My importance to you, it has vanished.
You left without farewell, leaving me in question.
People ask, but for once I have no answer.
Your silence put a bruise to my heart, black and blue.
My mask unveils nothing, for it's sealed by damp string.
Far away again, I doubt you'll stay put.
While you tend to your wounds, I'll stand by your side.
Alone you stand, on quiet ground.
I walk the yellow line, asking you forward.
This part is the hardest, your wings prepare for flight.
My heart is heavy, but hidden by my flesh.
You don't see it; you're already in the air.
By last glimpse, you shine your light.
Deep breaths and ticking clocks, here I stand.
Crying Iris flower, showers the air with wails.
The quiet ground, it's not so quiet anymore.

A/N: I wrote down my feelings. Family stuff. I don't want it to seem like I just want reviews, because I don't. So just let me know what your opinion is. By e-mail or whatever. Go to my profile and add my myspace if you want. It's my homepage.
Hope you liked it. :)