Ghosts- 9/28/08

I went out walking in the rain tonight
I couldn't bear the thought of something not being right
I don't know why you love me, but I'm scared to ask why
I don't know how I'd feel if you ever said goodbye

Still sometimes, I wonder why
You're so damn quiet when you look into my eyes
It's both a blessing & a curse in disguise
Maybe someday, we'll realize

It doesn't make much sense that you confuse me more
Than any one person ever has before
'Cause I don't understand what you want me for
I'd probably understand if you walked right out the door

But you won't
No, you won't

I'm scared to love you, & I don't know why
Would you still love me if I couldn't look you in the eye?
I'm sleeping with my ghosts night after night
I wouldn't blame you if you said it wasn't right

But you won't
No, you won't

Though sometimes, I wish that you would
'Cause I don't deserve you like I should

& still sometimes, I wonder why
You don't run away from the pain that's in my eyes
If you said you didn't love me, I wouldn't question why
But somehow, you hold me each & every night