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When Your Brother Is In A Band


"She thinks I'm crazy.
Judging by the faces that she's making.
And I think she's pretty.
But pretty's just part of the things she does that amaze me."
- I Must Be Dreaming, The Maine


I stared at the girl in front of me, her eyes were pleading, I could see that, but there was no way on earth I would give in.

I glanced around, still waiting for her to make the decision. I did not understand why I always need to do my business in washrooms. Can't they just talk to me in one of the corners? I was sure there were lots of corners out there. And it was not like washrooms can give us more privacy. People still come and go, watching us throwing daggers at each other.

"So, deal or not deal?" I asked in monotone, not bothered to waste my time with her anymore. I leaned against the wall, knowing the girl would totally give into at last.

And of course, my prediction was rarely wrong.

She shoved the money in my hands unwillingly. I put the money in my back pocket and patted her shoulder before leaving the washroom.

I had a small business around the school. People, usually girls, would approach me for different Raising Phantom signed items, like autographs. If they wanted to have a personalize one? Add a few more bucks. Wanted to have their signatures all in your binder? Add more than a few more bucks. The more complicated you wanted, the more costly it was.

The girl just now, approached me for meeting the band. But after she heard the price, she just whined and whined, pleading me to lower the price so she did not need to spend all her allowance of this month.

Jeez. If she really was a hardcore Raising Phantom fan, spending a hundred bucks to meet your favorite band was absolutely worth it, and even glorious. But clearly, she was just another wannabe who liked the pretty faces of Raising Phantom instead of their music.

You may wonder why I could get these things signed by Raising Phantom so easily. It sure helped a little when your twin brother was the lead vocal of the band.

That's what brother was for, right? To give a helping hand in little sister's economic crisis.

I went to my locker and quickly wrote this new order into my notebook. Yeah, I got a special notebook for this business. You could not imagine how many fans of Raising Phantom were out there. As I had observed, not many of them were wannabes, most of them were actually real fans. This made me more willing to help them.

After school that day, I went straight back home to find my brother. Today was Wednesday and it was the one and only day in a week that his band will practice in the garage. They usually practiced in the drummer, Krammy's garage, but since Kram's mom had recently opened a private cooking class in their garage on Wednesdays, and here was the only other place that got a drum set, they need to move their big butts over here every Wednesday from then on.

Once I got into the house, traces of the band were already everywhere- opened soda bottles and empty beer cans, dirty plates and pizza boxes on the counter, and not to mention the potato chips on the floor.

Carefully, I walked across the living room, trying not to step on something I should not step on, and left my messenger bag on the sofa. Then I went down to the basement to fetch a few hoodies, posters and photos for the band to sign.

"Hey D." Krammy greeted once I stepped into the garage, and then followed by the other two. "Go there and fetch yourself a my-mom-cookie, warn you, it's bigger than your head."

" 'kay, I'll." I said while putting the things on a nearby chair, heaving a relief sigh, I asked, "Guys, mind signing a few things for me?"

My brother, standing the nearest to the chair, grab a hoodie and asked, "Whom were these for this time?"

I fetched the notebook from my hoodie pocket and scanned through it, "Signed the one you're holding now for a Caren, with a 'C'."

I handed him a sharpie from my back pocket. After he had finished, he threw the hoodie to Miller, who then signed it quickly.

"Dude, you really write a 'Caren with a C' there." Miller said incredulously after noticing the personalization.

"Doesn't that's what D want me to write?" He gave me a questioning look.

We all shook our heads and sighed. That's Cameron, my brother.

"You know, she probably told you that the spelling of this Caren, was the one with a C, not a K or something like that. Dude, is your brain being put in the wrong place?" Kram said, looking up from the papers on his lap, twisting his glow-in-dark drumstick with one hand.

"Cameron here had probably mistakenly transferred his brain to Jen while their serious French-kissing session last night." Miller commented, making the others burst onto laughter and leaving a flushing Cameron glared at Miller.

"Whoa, a serious French-kissing session?" I stared at my brother in disbelief, "In these seventeen years, I didn't even know you have the ability to do that!"

Again, we burst into laughter.

I started passing the photos and posters when Kram said, "D, you should probably give us some money back for doing this, you earned a ton." Then he threw me back the completed hoodie.

"You know what, I am just helping to raise the publicity of this band. You don't know how the girls out there think how nice you guys are for singing these things for them." I retorted, and they made no reply. This could help when we all have been friends since childhood.

Minutes later, I gathered up some of the signed posters and autographs and lined them up horizontally by the wall in four sections.

"Guys, come here please." They all walked over and personalize all of them according to my instructions.

I arranged all the signed stuffs in good order and put them in a box. "Thanks and goodbye then." The boys greet me goodbye half-heartedly.


I had spent my lunch period delivering all the signed goods to people. And my stomach started groaning just when the bell rang. Reminding myself this was what life is, I dragged my hungry body to the English period.

I was paying full attention on page 89 of Mid Summer Night's Dream, when I felt something hit me. Glanced around, I saw Sarah smiled sheepishly and pointed at the tiny folded paper under my chair. I slid down the chair cautiously, didn't want to catch Mrs. Branch's attention, and sneak my hand under the chair to pick it up.

Hey. Hang out on Saturday?

I nearly wrote down a yes, but then I remembered the band was going to have a gig on Saturday. I wrote it down on the paper, and threw it back to Sarah.

Too bad, I'm thinking of watching the new movie, you know, the one that have the cute James McAvoy in it?

Seeing there's no more space for me to write, I tore a paper from my notebook and scribbled.

You totally don't know the definition of cute. Anyway, come with me to the gig? I've got free tickets.

You always got free tickets, D. But whatever, I'll come with you.

Sarah was the only one in this world who knew Cameron was my brother, and when I told her to keep it a secret, she found this situation totally funny because she said she would totally brag it when she got a hot rock star as her brother. Again, Sarah didn't know the definition of hot, and my brother was totally not a rock star, he was just a dude who played guitar. And the boys of the band all went to a school different from mine, a private school. So it was hard to imagine Delilah Kent got a brother whose face was in nearly every girl's bedroom.


"D, tell me again why we need to stand next to the garbage bin in this cold weather?"

I rolled my eyes, and replied, "Because I need to do business."

Sarah sniffed and wrapped her scarf tighter around her neck. "D, remember to remind me this when you asked me to watch gigs again."

Then a girl with floppy brown hair bounced next to me, "You're the girl right?" Knowing how wrong her question was, she added, "You know, the-girl-who-stands-next-to-the-garbage-bin?"

I raised my eyebrows at my new title, "I guessed I am?"

Sarah standing next to me snorted, "When have you become 'the girl-standing-next-to-the-garbage-bin'?" She used her hands to air-quote.

I ignored her and paid the attention to the girl, "You want something from the band?"

"Yeah. Is it anything I want?" Her eyes shone in excitement which took me off guard.

I cleared my throat and said in a business-like manner, "We need to see what you want then. You know how the price thing works right?"

She nodded. "I just want to take a picture with the guys." Then she handed me some notes. I counted them and put them in my pocket.

"Okay then." Then I dragged Sarah with me, and motioned the girl to follow me.

"D, it's about to start, can't you hurry up?" Sarah hissed. "I don't want to stand at the very back."

"We can stand behind the curtain, will it be better?"

"Nope, but I'll accept it." I rolled my eyes at this.

I showed the guard my pass while passing through him, and stopped when we were outside the room door where the band was.

"Remember to hurry up. No kiss attempt, hug attempt, or whatever near those, okay?"

The girl nodded and I knocked the door.

My brother peeked out and opened the door fully while knowing it was me. "Hey D."

"Guys, take a picture with-" I raised a questioning eyebrow at the girl, and she whispered her name shyly.

"Ashley here."

The boys got up from their seats and walked towards Ashley. Ashley handed me her camera and I walked in front of them.

Sarah stood beside me, finding this situation funny and countdown for me.

I pushed the button at three and handed Ashley back the camera. But then she suddenly turned to look at Miller and blurted out, "Can I have a hug?"

We all took off guard at the moment, but once my senses got back to the right track, I dragged Ashley out the door, did not forget to remind her that she had just crossed the line.


Tuesday after school, I went to the supermarket to run errands to refill the so-called Band Cabinet.

I pushed my cart down the aisle, my cart was now full of Cheetos, Doritos and all those unhealthy junk food. Checking the list seeing there was nothing I had missed, I started to the cashier. Until I noticed the 9.99 Forever the Sickest Kids album, and it was the one and only one.

Compare to other stores who sold a 15.00 dollars one, the 9.99 one here was like a gift from heaven. That was why I rushed to it in light speed. But as you know, life is full of obstacles, I think everybody knows that. It is full of ups and downs, and if you think you achieved something at the beginning, you will realize you have achieved nothing in the end.

Before I could place my hand on that CD, another hand grabbed it. Almost immediately, I snapped my head toward the hand owner's direction.

"Dude, I saw it first." I snapped at that person.

That's when I realized the person was a boy, with his hoodie covering his head, I couldn't really see his face. Hearing my voice, he slowly turned his head and smiled slyly. Gosh. His eyes were blue- it was not like I had not seen blue eyes before, but his were like really blue, clear blue. Instead of giving me back the CD, he waved my CD in front of my face and walked away.

I clenched my fists, and swore all the swear words I knew under my breath.

Asking nearly all the employees in this supermarket to see if they had got one more copy of that album, I still could not get it in the very end.

Frustrated, I paid for the things and headed back to the car, with the anger still boiling in my body.

Today is totally not my day.


Wednesday came quickly and it was Band Day again. I went home and the living room was a mess as usual. I went upstairs to put down my bag and went down to fetch some merchandise.

When I was near the garage door, I heard the booming laughter inside. Stepping inside, I asked, "What's so funny?"

Without looking up from the big box of merch, I walked to the nearest chair and placed it down.

"Mason here just cracked a joke." Kram announced.

I looked up at him, eyebrows furrowed, "Who is Mason?"

"Me." I snapped my head to the said person. He got dark brown hair and quite a pretty face, his eyes were really blue, like, clear blue-

Wait. Blue eyes? Clear blue eyes? Freaking clear blue eyes?

"You are the one who snatched away my Forever the Sickest Kids album!" I accused.

"Technically, I didn't snatch it away from you, since your hand was not touching the case when I pick it up."

"You- " I huffed. "What is he doing here?" I snapped at my brother.

"D, he's the new recruited guitarist-"

"You chose this boy of all mankind? To be more specific, you guys chose a boy who snatched CDs from ladies?" I glared at the Mason boy while I accused all of my friends and my brother. I could not believe that this boy will dare to show up in front of me again. What nerve he got.

"D, he's good. And we're from the same school, this makes things easier." Miller said quickly.

"You can find me! I'm here 24/7!" I spat, I thought I was going to explode.

"D, you played drums-" Kram said, but I cut in quickly.

"I can learn. How hard is guitar anyway?" I raised my eyebrow.

Three of them sighed.

"Whatever, I don't care about this dude over here, as long as he signed the things for me, it'll be okay." I waved my hand dismissively.

"Who said I'm going to sign these things for you?" Mason asked, amused. His blues eyes sparkled under the dim light of the garage. He was sitting on the floor and a pile of papers were on his lap.

"Because you're in this band." I said as a matter of fact.

"I'm not going to sign them." Mason said and looked back at the papers again, ignoring me.

"You so are."


"You need to." I hissed.


I ran my hand through my hair and looked at Cameron, "Cammmmmmy."

"Ddddd." He mocked.

"Helped me to get that jerk signed the things for me!"

"I can't help if he doesn't want to, D."

"Cammmmmmmy." I whined

Cameron sighed, "Mason, just signed the things for her, okay? Or she'll bitch me tonight."

But Mason didn't buff, "No."

No way in hell I'll tolerate him anymore, "Whatever! The people outside still don't know you yet." Then I shoved the things to my brother, letting the three of them did the signings.


"Whoa. The Mason guy sounds hot, D." Sarah said into the phone. I phoned her immediately once the band had left, after telling him how jerky and jackass that Mason guy had been, could you believe my best friend would respond me with this kind of ungrateful things?

"Sarah, which side are you on?"

"Of course yours, darling." My best friend said quickly. "But he really does sound hot, D. He's totally your type, with that shaggy dark hair covering eye thing…"

I groaned. How come I would tell her how Mason looked?

"Who said I had a type?" I accused, switching the phone to another ear.

Sarah snorted, "Don't play dumb, D. All the guys you like got this characteristic, you know, the hair covering eye thing."

I tried to protest, but failed.

"Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, D." Sarah said, "I'm so looking forward to meet this Mason guy."

"Sarah!" I screeched into the phone.

"You hurt my ears!" Sarah retorted.


I walked in the cafeteria and saw the girl sitting at one of tables with her friends. I didn't eat in the cafeteria since Sarah and I got different lunch periods, and I didn't want to be a loner and sit all by myself.

"Hey you." I tapped a girl's shoulder, and shoved the signed-hoodie in her lap. When I turned to leave, she held me back.

"By the way, how can you get these stuffs?" The girl asked, her friends all stared at me curiously.

Not like she was the first one who asked me this question, I answered, "You got your thing, I do my business, so that's it, right?" Without hesitation, I turned to leave.

When I reached the cafeteria door, the Raising-Phantom-Wannabe/ girl-with-pleading-eyes rushed over.

"Hey Delilah."

"D." I corrected automatically. Looking at her confused expression, I added, "Call me D."

"Okay, D." She said in a business manner. Both of us moved to our left to give room for a group of people to leave. "I just want to remind you that you are supposed to take me to meet the band tomorrow."

I waved my hand dismissively, annoyed. "I remember, missy."

But the girl still didn't let go, "When I say Raising Phantom, I mean the whole band, including the newbie." Then she made a serious, huge, elephant-sized mistake, "He's so cute." She added.

Anger started boiling in my body again.

I inhaled a lungful of air to calm myself down, then exhaled slowly.

Knowing there's still no way I can get Mason to co-operate, I tried to find excuses, "You know he's not even official yet, right?"

Then the girl grinned, "He will be. And he is going to be there on Friday, right?"

I ran my hand through my hair, frustrated. And she seemed to notice too.

"You are also supposed to take a picture for me with the band, right? I really didn't see a problem to include the cute one." The girl pressed. "And I had paid so much…"

Defeated, I sighed. I still had a reputation to carry and the girl was right, Mason was going to be official soon. To be more specific, he was going to be official in that show, brother dear told me last night.

"Fine." I said and made my way to Photography.


"D, Dad's not home tonight, so come to Kram's after school." I listened to the message Cameron had left on my phone. Heaving a sigh, I shut my phone and shoved it in my hoodie pocket.

Noticing my frustration, Sarah switched her attention to me from the make-out couple in front of the lockers, "What's up?"

I groaned internally, "I need to go to Kram's house for dinner."

"I don't see a problem in that."

I stopped abruptly and looked at Sarah, facing her, "That means I need to see that jerk again!"

"So don't go then. You can find something to eat in your house, right?" Sarah replied.

"But this is Kram's house we're talking about! Her mom made the best meatball in the world. How can I not go?" I groaned.

How could my life have so many obstacles?

Sarah then placed her hands on my shoulders, shaking me, "D, I don't see a problem in you seeing him. Where had my sassy, fierce best bud gone? And not to mention, he is cute."

Why everyone on earth need to tell me how cut he was?

"You haven't even met him yet!" I glared at Sarah, who replied with a grin.

"I checked him out on the internet last night, you know, after our phone call. And D, lemme tell you, he's so your type." She said excitedly, "You guys will have cute little babies!"

I grabbed Sarah's shoulders and started to shake back some senses to this girl, "Sarah. He's so not my type, and we are so not going to have babies!"

"We'll see, D. We'll see." Sarah grinned and bounced to my car, leaving me in the school entrance, dumbfounded.


I sat at the sofa, remote control in one hand, and a can of coke in the other. Mrs. Gray had gone to buy some vegetables, leaving me here with Pat, Kram's little sister. She was already a cutie in the age of five.

"D?" Pat called me from the kitchen counter, from where she was doing her coloring. "Can wee watch SpongeBob Squarepants?"

"Oh. Sure." I quickly flipped the channel.

She squealed happily and continued her coloring.

Then someone walked in from the connected door of the garage, Pat and I listened to the footsteps patiently, waiting for that someone to reveal himself.

And here came Jackass himself. No surprise, really.

He glanced at the television for once and raised an eyebrow at me, "So, you are watching SpongeBob Squarepants."

When I opened my mouth trying to retort, Pat cut in first, "I am waatching, not D!"

I smiled at Mason with triumph.

Mason turned and walked to the kitchen, stopping next to Pat, "What are you doing girlie?"

"Coloring!" Pat answered with a happy squeal.

I placed the remote control and my drink on the coffee table and walked towards them. I looked at Pat's coloring and was impressed. There were not much coloring-out-of-the-line and the colors were matched, though I remembered Ariel was not a brunette. "Pat, Ariel is not a brunette."

Pat looked at me questioningly, then I explained, "You know, brunette is someone whose hair is brown. Like me." I pointed at my hair.

"Oh." She looked at her color book then back at me. Then she squealed her happy squeal again, "I'm righhhht. D got brown hair! D is a bruuuunet!"

I and Mason looked at each other with raised eyebrows, but for only a millisecond, I broke it by switching my eyes back to Pat.

It was really weird to have this stomach fluttered feeling when Mason looked at me, and this made me feel nervous all of a sudden.

"You are drawing me, Pat?" Pat nodded. "That's sooooo sweet, Patty. The sweetest thing." I cooed and hugged her tightly. Pat giggled.

Mason muttered something incoherent and went to the fridge.

I released Pat and followed him to the fridge, "Hey, I need to do me a favor."

"A favor?" He raised his eyebrow again, that's when I noticed he got a piercing. "You will ask for a favor? Tell me, is this the end of the world?"

I glared at him for a brief moment and continued, "A girl wants to take a photo with you guys and sadly, you must be included. And it's tomorrow-"

"So, this is the end of your world." Mason took out a can of root beer from the fridge and said.

I rolled my eyes at that and said, "Could you please let me finish?"

He had a sip at his drink and glanced back at me, "I think you've explained your favor quite clearly. All you want is me and the band taking a picture with this said girl tomorrow right?"

"The band and I." I corrected. "And yeah, you're right."

"Okay." My head snapped to look at him, eyes widened. "I'll do you a favor."

I opened my mouth, but no words came out. How come he is that nice today?

"Only-" He took a step near me, abandoned his root beer on the counter. He bent down and put his arms on my shoulders. His face was only a few inches away from me, "if you agree to fulfill three wishes of mine."

I could feel blood rushing to my face and my heart was racing, I could smell the mint scent of him and could tell how long his eyelashes were.

"So, agree or not?" I could feel his breath and our faces were so close that it could not make me think clearly. But, I nodded.

Then, he smiled. His blue eyes sparkled when he smiled, and it was quite a pre-

I stiffened. One hand of his crossed my back and rested on my other shoulder, closing the gap between us and the other rested on the nape of my neck, he then moved closer and captured my lips with his own.

That's when I realized he was kissing me. Kissing… for Charlie Brown's sake. And I was enjoying it.

Then I realized I had automatically encircled his waist with my arms, and he broke the kiss.

"D, there are two more wishes to go." With one last peck on my lips, he turned to go.

That's when I realized Pat was still sitting at the kitchen counter, her eyes widened when I caught her looking, she then quickly switched her attention back to her coloring.

"What had I got myself into?" I said to the phone later that night. I had told Sarah what had happened this evening and she just sighed, happily, may I add.

"This is so romantic, D." She sighed again.

"Remind me to tell Drake tomorrow." I rolled my eyes, "So he can make our Sarah have some romantic moments."

"He won't do these things, D." Sarah giggled. "By the way, is Mason Boy a good kisser?"

I groaned. "Unfortunately, yes."

Sarah squealed happily, "Told ya, D."


"Guys, here is Aimee." Aimee was the Raising Phantom wannabe, she had kindly mentioned her name to me earlier.

Mason, true to his promise, joined the rest of the band and talk with Aimee for a while. Aimee giggled when she realized Mason put his arm around her shoulders while taking the picture.

My heart twisted when I took in the sight. And suddenly I realized Aimee looked ten times uglier than usual, there was too much gloss on her lips, dark roots started to show in her fake platinum blonde hair, her top was so low cut that it showed a little bit too much. All in all, seeing Mason put an arm around her made me had the tendency to throw her out of this place.

And I was not a violent person. So it was really creepy that I had this kind of thought. What was wrong with me? Not that I was jealous of her-

Wait. Was that jealousy?

Sarah had left me to join her boyfriend in the crowd, leaving me here to watch the guys behind the curtains. The crowd was crazy and the band was good, as usual. But this time, my attention was only on Mason. Though this was his first official gig, he played well. If he was nervous, he didn't show it. Under the spotlights, his eyes were brighter than usual, and his piercing shimmered under the lights. His hair was disarrayed, looked like he had run his hand through it many times.

The crowd cheered and I quickly snapped back to reality. The band had finished another song. Checking the set list which someone had taped on the pole, they had only one more song to go. I crossed my arms in front of me, listening to Cam's voice.

I crossed and uncrossed my skinny-jeaned-legs, wondering what would be the other two wishes be. And this very thought brought me back to what happened in the kitchen the other day, and I felt myself blushed. Lucky that it was dark in here, or it would be really embarrassing.

I looked up and realized they had finished the last song, and were walking back to the backstage. I followed them back to the room and they collapsed onto the sofa without a word. Then, my phone rang. I took it out from my hoodie pocket and looked at the caller ID.

"What sup, Sarah." I greeted.

"Damn your brother & co. for not doing an encore." Sarah said into the phone, I could hear Drake laughing next to her.

I chuckled, "They're already running out of time, but I'll tell them that."

I put my phone off my ear and told the guys, "Sarah damned you all for not doing an encore." And they replied me with dried laughter.

"I think they can't reply you 'cause they're probably dead." Sarah laughed. "By the way, you don't need to take me home tonight. Go and enjoy your night with Drake, buddy. Cammy dear will drive me home."

"You're not." I looked at the said person.

Mason stretched himself at the sofa and continued, "you're going somewhere with me, D. You owe me, remember?"

Hearing this, Sarah in the phone giggled, "Ohh. You got cute boy here. That's why you ditch your bestie here. I'm hurt, D. Go and enjoy your night with Mason Boy, buddy." She mocked. And with that, the line went dead.

I glared at the phone, then switched my glare to Mason instead, "Where're we going?"

"You'll see." With that he took his hoodie and dragged me out of the room. "I'll bring your sis back before two, Cam." He called back.


"So, what do you call this again?" I looked at Mason, with raising eyebrows. I could not raise only one eyebrow, so the raising-one-eyebrow thing of Mason was actually quite impressive. "This eating-Burger-King-on-the-beach, a date?"

Mason simply threw me a glare and looked back the ocean, "What's wrong with Burger King? And I didn't see you as those girls who think a date should have roses and stuffs."

I feigned offended, "What's wrong with roses? And a date should involve candle light!" I mocked.

Mason chuckled.

"Anyway, I'm really not those girls, Burger King is fine with me." With that, I had a bite of my Whopper.

"Glad to hear that." He said, and we both went silent, looking at the ocean. It was comforting, at least I was.

Finished my whopper, I laid backwards on the sand, Mason followed. "Let's play Ten Questions." He said.


"What is your favorite color?"

I turned my head and looked at Mason, "Why people always asked this question as the first one in Ten Questions?"

"Because. Does yours count as one question?"

I huffed, "No." Then I added, "My favorite color is gray."

"My turn." I switched my body to a more comfortable position, but Mason's blanket was small, that made me have not much room to move. "Who would you meet when you can meet anyone?"

He thought for a moment, "Walt Disney. He seemed nice." I chuckled.

Then so on and so forth.

"This is your second wish, right?" I asked, he nodded. "So, when will you ask for your third wish?" I asked my last question, and turned my head to face him, only this time he was also facing me.

"I don't know." He looked at me in the eyes, blood started rushing to my cheeks. My stomach fluttered, butterflies everywhere. With one smooth move, he moved closer and touched my cheeks with the back of his hands, his lips landed on my own.

The kiss was sweet, and adorned with sparkles. With the waves as our background music, it made the whole situation much more heavenly. Minutes later, he broke off the kiss. I brought my hands to his face and my fingertip lingered on his pierced eyebrow.

"Tell me, what is your third wish?" I asked softly. We were so close that I could feel his breath, and I was sure he could also feel mine.

"Would you be my girlfriend?" His blues eyes looked into my gray ones, waiting.

With a smile, I whispered, "Your wish is granted."

Then I brought my lips to his.

-The End-

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